Getting Started! 

Inter Club Council Constitution

I.C.C Guidelines  
This document explains all of the ICC operating principles and rules. 

Clubs: What are student clubs?

A: Student clubs and organizations serve as a means for connecting with other students, providing leadership development and opportunities, appreciating diversity, encouraging civic engagement, enhancing your college experience.

{slider Club Requirements: What are the requirements of student clubs? Club Funding?|closed}

A: Good question. It depends what your group would like to do!

All groups must:

  • Have 7 members

  • Have an SOU faculty or staff advisor

  • Have a current constitution

  • Follow the Requirements,Responsibilities,and Privileges of student groups

If groups want to be eligible for funding:

  • They must be in good standing with Inter Club Council, meaning:

  • A representative attends the weekly ICC meetings

  • Someone from the group attends and passes club trainings (Purpose, money, and travel)

What are the the Requirements of student groups?

  • Minimum of 7 SOU students actively involved as members

  • Open to all students, faculty, staff, and SOU community at large

  • Minimum of 1 officer who must be an SOU student enrolled in at least 8 credits per term

  • One advisor who is a member of the SOU Staff or Faculty

  • One member of the student organization and the advisor must complete club/advisor training

  • Membership cannot discriminate on the basis of creed, disability, gender, national origin, veteran's status, race, religion, or sexual orientation

Club Responsibilities: What are the Responsibilities of student groups?

  • Uphold all local, state, & federal laws

  • Abide by all SOU policies and guidelines

  • Have only SOU students as voting members and officers

  • Not allow the group to be used as a "front" for an off-campus group to obtain benefits

  • Re-Register each fall with updated list of officers and student members

  • Update the office of Student Life with any officer changes during the academic year

Club Privileges: What are the Privileges of student groups?

  • To host meetings and events on campus

  • Apply for student fee money

  • Use of state (SOU) vehicles for authorized trips and conferences

  • Club Meetings & Events–You can book any room in the Union for your club events or meetings for free during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-9pm).

  • Student Publicity Center-can design flyers, logos, and marketing tools for your club at a discounted rate. SPC offers two free hours of design time per academic year.

  • Access to Money-By attending ICC meetings and remaining in good standing you have the ability to request funds for events, trips, and supplies for your club.

  • A seat at Inter Club Council (ICC)-you have an opportunity to explore, plan and engage with all of the other clubs on campus.


Constitution: How do I make a constitution and bylaws?

  • A: This is really up to your group.  All constitutions should at minimum state the purpose of your organization and discuss how leadership transitions will be handled.

    Click this link for a “Sample Blank Club By Laws and Constitution.


This document is an example of what a clubs by laws and constitutions can look like. Feel free to use and edit to best meet the needs of your group.


Change Positions/Fund Approver: How to change positions in the club roster, fund approver, ICC rep, officer on SOU Connect?



Any club officer can edit club leadership position listings in the club roster.  

  • To do this, from “Roster,” go in to “Manage Roster,” then to the right of the individual’s name, click “Edit Positions.”

  • If you do not have officer rights in the system BUT are a club officer - email Larry Locke ( for assistance). 

Register: How do I register a student club?

Becoming a registered club on-campus is easy.

Go to

FIRST: Log-in with your SOU Account information


  • From your profile click "Organizations"

  • Click Register a New Organization on the bottom left hand side.

  • You must have basic information about your organization (mission, member names, advisor, constitution)

  • Click Submit and wait for approval


      • Have your advisor complete the Club Advisor Agreement Form through SOU Connect. The form can be found in the “form” section of Inter Club Council's Profile

Re-register: How do I Re-register a student club?

A:  At the beginning of every school year each club needs to re register. A current club officer needs to click the register button on the right of the page and follow the process.

Are all your club officers gone? Email Larry Locke, Assistant Director of Student Life at for assistance.


Scheduling: How do we schedule events and meetings?

Events will be canceled if event is not submitted and approved on SOU Connect.

Meetings spaces will be canceled if a group is not registered as a club or organization on SOU Connect.

To schedule events, meetings, displays, or other informational material in the Stevenson Union and courtyard, you must contact the Student Life Office in 312, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m or by emailing or by calling 541-552-6462.

The Stevenson Union is open Mon – Fri 8:00am-9:00pm.

Scheduling events and meetings should be done a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. If it is a large-scale event, there should be a minimum one-month advance scheduling. This lead time not only increases the chance that your your requests can be filled, but allows enough time to make sure your publicity has enough time to reach students.

Rooms are available in a first-come, first-served basis and may be reserved up to one year in advance.

Activities with historical consistency will also be given priority for scheduling.

When in use after hours, the club or organization will be charged an hourly fee of $11.00 per Event Member Crew. The rate will begin from time the group takes possession of the facility for decorating/set-up through cleanup after the event.

Events held on the courtyard of the Stevenson Union may have restrictions on sound equipment used based on when the event occurs.

A noise permit may be required from the City of Ashland.

Criteria used during the approval of an outdoor event are listed below:

 Time of day or night o Volume level of sound – especially around academic buildings including library

 Size of group including audience

 Effect on landscape and property


Audio-visual equipment and room set-up needs can be arranged during the scheduling of the event or meeting.

Audio-visual and furniture needed for an event are free of charge to registered student clubs and organizations if owned by the Stevenson Union.

Multicultural Coalition: What is the Multicultural Coalition (MCC)?

The Multicultural Resource Center provides oversight over the groups and organizations that comprise the Multicultural Coalition (MCC). The coalition was chartered to provide a means for SOU's identity based groups to come together in order to develop a sense of community support, design and execute joint programs, share news and explore ways of culturally impacting the SOU community. Specific questions about the MCC groups should be directed toward the MRC Coordinator, Marvin Woodward (woodwardm@sou.ed).

MCC groups are responsible for all the Requirements, Responsibilities, and Privileges of any other SOU student club or organization. However, they are funded directly from the Student Fee Committee. MCC groups are still expected to attend regular ICC meetings or their funds may be frozen.


Putting on an Event or Traveling

Events: What do I need to know in advance about the Event Request Form?

Only folks listed as officers for a club or group in SOU Connect may submit event requests.

Click "Submit An Event" from your club or group's profile. 

The “Event Request Form” on SOU Connect uses logic to give gather all the information needed to submit your event for approval.  It is important to complete each page correctly or your submission will be denied or at the very least hold up your event approval.

If you are submitting travel or a contracting request with less than 10 business days away from your date please note your event will automatically be denied.

Not all events are made of the same parts! If you are thinking of doing something original or large scale it is best to check in with one of the Assistant Directors of Student Life first.

You WILL need to know the:

Event type (your options are)

  • On Campus Event/Game
  • Off Campus Event/Meeting/Game/Travel
  • Regular Club/Organization Meeting (On Campus)
  • SU Tabling
  • Outdoor Program Facilitated Trip

 Organization type (your options are)

  • General Club and Student Organizations
  • Multicultural Coalition (NASU, ISA, LSU, BSU, and HHC)
  • Resource Center (WRC, MRC, QRC, CRC, VRO, Ecos)
  • Leadership and Wellness (Raider Rec, OP, HPO)
  • Union and Traditions (Epic, NSO, Building Managers)
  • ASSOU Branch
  • Campus Partner (Non Student Life managed)

 Everyone will also need to answer the following questions: 

  • Are your participants/attendees required to sign "Assumptions of Risk"?
  • Is transportation required for this event?
  • Is this a fundraiser/will anything be sold?
  • Are you hiring a person or renting place a place? Does this event involve any type of contract?
  • Will alcohol be present at this event?
  • Will food be served at this event?

Approved Event! How do I get my event approved?

Associate or Assistant Directors of Student Life approve events for their area.

Other staff members, such as Resource Center coordinators, have responsibilities to review events, interact with club members to ensure the request is complete and collect required documentation, and make recommendations for complete submission status.

Event Approves:

Larry Locke, Assistant Director of Student Life for Leadership,

Janelle Wilson, Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion,

Danielle Mancuso, Assistant Director of Student Life for Involvement,

Event Reviewers:

Treasa Sprague, Risk Management.  Do not contact her directly.  Address your questions to Student Life staff

Tatiana Bredikin, SOU Connect, travel, reimbursements, and contracts support,

Event submissions must be made on SOU Connect, and supporting documentation submitted, within the timeframes indicated in SOU Connect, usually 10 business days before the event.  Staff members are unable to drop commitments to other students to push through late event requests.  Late submissions and late supporting documentation may result in the event cancellation.

Catering: How do I order catering?

How to use Catertrax and Order food from Catering:

All orders need to be made 7-10 days prior to the event.

And any special menus please contact us two weeks

or more to be able to provide that service.

1. Go to

2. Need a new account? Click where is says “Need an account?Click here”

3. Fill out all the require fields and click “continue.”

4. It will bring you to this page where you can look at the menu and order food, to place an order click on “Catering Menu” Or “Student Menu.”

5. When you find the item you want, put it the quantity you want and click order. Make sure to check the number of people that 1 quantity feeds.

6. Once you click order, this page will show up where you will start putting in your information.

7. Click what day you would like to have your catering, the system will tell you if that day is okay. Then choose your pick-up or delivery preference. Note: Student Catering items are pick-up only.

8. If you choose pick up, it will ask you to fill out some additional information

9. If you choose delivery, it will ask you to fill out some additional information. Note: Student Catering menu is not available for delivery

10. Once you have filled out your preference, hit continue. It will now have you review your selection, once you are satisfied with your order, hit proceed to checkout.

11. You can click on the invoice number to view your order. From this screen you can also change your order, print invoice or repeat order.

12. Regarding payment, a deposit is due 7 days before the event and full payment is due at the end of the event. The easiest way to pay is with an index code. Don’t know your clubs index codes?

Check with Student Life–be sure to check that you have the money to spend in your account!

Contracts: How do I set up a contract?

If you select "yes" to "Are you hiring a person or renting place a place? Does this event involve any type of contract?" on the SOU Connect Event Form you will be directed to the right page to complete a contract request. All contracts require and SOU Connect Event Request Form submission. 

A contract is a signed, or verbal, agreement to pay a person or company for providing a service or to rent equipment or space.

Examples of contracts (not an inclusive list): 

  • A specialized skill or service (e.g. speaker, band, referee, bus driver, photographer)
  • Food services (e.g. catering, food trucks)
  • A location, building, or equipment rental (e.g. sports field, hotel event space, jump house)

Anyone providing a service for SOU will require a contract, regardless of whether that service is SOU-specific or includes other vendor clients.  (Example: A jet-boat trip that is open to other customers requires a contract.)

Contracts take a fair amount of time and require you to have all of the details ready at minimum 10 business days in advance.  For each contract you must complete a Request to Contract Form (found on the Campus Links tab in SOU Connect) and upload them individually in SOU Connect when prompted. SOU Connect will also instruct you on this process. 

If you need more than 3 contracts contact Tatiana Bredikin, at, immediately. She will work with you directly to complete this process.

Important notes about requesting to contract:

  • The request to contract form is NOT a contract.
  • Allow a MINIMUM of 10 business days for processing.
  • Students and club advisors cannot enter into a contract on behalf of the university.
  • If students or a club advisor sign a contract they are personally and financially responsible for that contract.
  • Advise each vendor that a staff person from SOU will be in contact to go over contract details.

Contracts are designed to provide written elements describing agreements made between two or more parties:

  • The contract is a set of promises to do or not do something; it is usually a promise to exchange goods or services.
  • The university may pay an expense, receive income; however, zero funds might change hands between the parties.
  • Contracts are also known as agreement, memos of understanding, cooperative agreements, interagency agreements, purchase orders, personal/professional services contracts, etc.
  • All contracts must be signed by the appropriate contract authority before services begin. Once signed by all parties, the document becomes legally binding.
  • The contracts officer relies on the originating department for detailed, supportive information.  In order to develop an adequate contract, the following must be present:
  • Scope of the work to be covered
  • The cost or consideration, including payment terms
  • Duration of the contract, including beginning and ending dates
  • Termination rights.

Edit Event: How to make edits to a submission/ my event has been denied?

Oops, you made a mistake which you noticed after submitting your event!

Events cannot be changed once they have been submitted, but you can make notes in the “Comments” section.  If it needs to be corrected in the event, the event will be “Denied” by the appropriate Student Life administrator and you will be asked to correct it in the event.  Events can only be changed if they are “Denied.”

Someone in the review process has asked you for more information or to correct something.  What to do?

Respond in the “Comments” section, unless they have “Denied” your event, in which case you will go back in {HOW} and correct the information in the original event, but  you will not create a new event.

Your advisor, (or Assistant or Associate Director for Student Life), sent your submission back and asked you to make corrections.

In this case that person would have “Denied” the event, and you can go back in and make corrections in the original submission.  Do NOT create a new event.  It takes you a lot longer, shows it as two separate events, and confuses the process since we don’t know which one is accurate.

Oh no! Your event has been denied!

Go back into the event and make corrections requested in the original submission.  Do NOT create a new event.  It  confuses the process since we don’t know which one is accurate.

1) Go to your “involvement” page and click on “Submissions”

2)Click on events

3) Click the event that was denied, edit it, resubmit it.

Drivers: What are the requirements for drivers?

No reimbursements will be provided if event is not approved on SOU Connect.  We will need a list first and last name of all students, faculty and staff who will be driving at any point during this trip is required.  In addition a list of the first and last names for the owners of all vehicles that will be required.

No reimbursements will be provided for drivers who are not university cleared. To obtain driver clearance review the information on the service Center page and complete the form at the bottom of that page.

Note out-of-state certified driver history records take a substantially longer time to obtain than Oregon records.  Please contact Tatiana Bredikin, if you have questions about this.

No reimbursements will be provided for owners of vehicles drivers who do not provide documentation of current auto drivers insurance A copy or photo of the current auto insurance card for the private vehicles driven must be submitted.  Upload in the space provided in SOU Connect. Make sure each files name includes the driving student's name and date their insurance expires.

Van certification is required to drive the SOU 11-passenger vans.  Information on obtaining that is provided in the email giving notice that you have received driver clearance.

Renting SOU vehicles:

For information and to request a van go to the Service Center web page.

Emergency Procedures: What do we do in an emergency?

Emergency Procedures are a resource for travel emergencies.  Hard copies are available in SU 312.  Take one for each vehicle and return them for another group to use.  While these are available on the Student Life web page and SOU Connect Campus Links in the black navigation bar, please have a hard copy for those locations where data service is unavailable.

Food: We want to provide food at our event. What do we need to know?

If you are providing food you will need to list where the foods are coming from in the SOU Connect event request form.

If you are making your own food describe where the food is being prepared.  Renting the commercial kitchen in the SU may be required. Contact to make a reservation.

If you are making our own food please list the students’ names of students with food handlers’ cards.

If you are planning a BBQ (or something else with a flame) you will be asked to complete an Open Flame permit during the SOU Connect process.  See the slider on open flame permit for more details. 

Food: How to get a food handlers card?

An Oregon Food Handlers card can be obtained through the Jackson County Health and Human Services website for $10.00 and are valid for three years anywhere in Oregon.

Open Flame: How do I get approval for BBQs and other open flames?

The Open Flame Approval form (found on the Campus Link tab on SOU Connect) is required for any event, and any location, that includes plans for an open flame.  Download the form and save it to your desktop.  When completed, email the form to  Note: this email address is not listed on the form.  Allow seven (7) days turn around on the request, and remember many events require an additional ten (10) days advance planning from the completed event submission to the event date.

When your approved request is returned to you, upload that to your SOU Connect Event Submission.  If you submit an event request and do not upload the approved Use of Open Flame Request, your event will be denied.  Do not create a new event, go into denied event and upload the approved from when you have it.

Open flames, such as candles for induction ceremonies are not permitted inside the Stevenson Union at any time.


Reserving Space On Campus: What if I am reserving a facilities on campus?


Has the venue already been reserved? You will be required to upload a screenshot of the reservation.

If a reservation is not applicable you will have a space to explain where the event will be located (for example the event is being hosted by the MRC and taking place in the MRC).

If you need assistance reserving a space in Stevenson Union, please contact Kay Swader, Stevenson Union Building Manager, at or stop by SU 312.

To reserve space in another location on campus, contact the appropriate building manager.

Reserving Space Off Campus: What if I am reserving a facilities off campus?

You will need to know all the details about an off campus vendor to submit your event approval including a contact person’s name and telephone number.

If a contract is required the system will send you to the “request to contract” page. 

If the vender calls it a contract - the university will treat it as a contract!

If a contract is required note that students and club advisers cannot enter into a contract on behalf of the university. If students or a club adviser sign a contract they are personally responsible for that contract.

Risk: Our event has some risk associated with it. What should we do?

Risk Management is the process of considering the potential and perceived risk involved in student activities.  It includes monitoring organization activities and taking both corrective action and proactive steps to minimize accidental injury and/or loss.

All events have risk. You must select at least one of the risks listed on the SOU Connect page when prompted and more if they apply. You are required to describe how you plan to mitigate the risk for the event. If you need help planning to address the risk, please write "I need help" in the text box and someone will contact you.

Staff will help you navigate risk as best they can.

SOU Vehicle: How do I rent an SOU Vehicle?

How to rent an SOU vehicle.

For information and to request a van go to the Service Center web page.

Information needed to fill out the request

Department: Student Life

Index code: see FAQ index codes if needed

Account Authority:Your AD - Clubs: Larry Locke; Resource Centers: Janelle Wilson; EPIC: Danielle Mancuso; ASSOU: Jennifer Fountain; International Programs: Na Murphy

Primary Driver and additional driver names

Note: Write “fund approvers: List the names of your club”  They will be contacted to approve the expenditure.

How to get Van Certification

Travel: How do I plan travel?

In order to have your travel approved it must be submitted as an event request on SOU Connect.

Organizing travel for a student event is a complicated process that requires a high level of attention to detail. In order to best facilitate the process of approval, please be sure to follow up regularly with the Student Life Office to ensure that all details have been finalized.  You will need to know in advance what mode of transportation is being arranged for this event.

The following are student travel expectations:

  • Requests should be completed by the trip leader
  • Student travel for any SOU-related purpose must receive approval
  • Requests must be submitted for approval at least 10 business days two weeks prior to departure date
  • Requests must be submitted for approval at least 10 business days two weeks prior to purchases (such as registration fees or transportation expenses) being made for the event or activity
  • All supporting documents must be submitted at least 5 business days before departure

The SOU Connect form will ask you for:

  • Departure time
  • Return time
  • A list of all participants (first and last names) – note Participants must RSVP on SOU Connect at least 5 days before departure
  • Travel Routes
  • Will a faculty or staff member be traveling with the students
  • The trip leader to sign an online agreement
  • The trip leaders cell phone.


Van Certified: How does someone get Van Certified?

Driver clearance is required before you can apply for van certification.

When you receive email notification of your driver clearance that will include instructions on how to obtain van certification.

  • Watch a video

  • Schedule a driver test

Van certification is required to drive the SOU 14 passenger vans, but not for the 7 person vehicles.

It is not required to rent an 8-passenger minivan from Enterprise or other vehicle rental companies.

Volunteers: Volunteers, Mentors, Community members in clubs. What are the requirements?

Volunteers provide a specific service to the university or the club.  Generally they are teaching, coaching, training, or presenting/speaking to the club. **Volunteers are outside parties not associated with SOU and include alumni. Before they engage in any volunteer activity the must have both a Volunteer Assumption of Risk form and an SOU Assumption of Risk form complete and on file in Student Life, SU 312. 

All volunteer forms need to be turned into Student Life (SU 312) five (5) days before your event or their participation with your club.

The event lead will serve as the "site supervisor" on the volunteer form, if the individual is only volunteering for a specific event.   Volunteer forms are valid for the entire academic year and if the individual will be an ongoing volunteer then the club adviser is “site supervisor.”

The Volunteer Assumption of Risk Form covers liability for something they do wrong while providing the service, such as injuring a student, or damaging university property.  The university does not carry insurance, or cover them if they are injured while volunteering.

The SOU Assumption of Risk form clarifies the volunteer's responsibilities in regards to the potential risk of participating in the activity.

When volunteers will be working with participants younger than 18 years of age, there are further requirements that must be met.  Please see Larry Locke for information on that.

Participants are community members who engage with the club but are not providing a specific service.  Community members may, for example, be interested in the activity or participate with a community club, and pay to participate with the SOU club, (e.g. Tango Club) or without charge, (i.e. Medieval Arts Club). Participants must complete the SOU Assumption of Risk form before participating.



Money, Money, Money

Q: What is an "Index Code"?

An Index Code is a six-digit university indicator for a department financial account.

Clubs may have up to four, but most commonly two, accounts that may hold money for them to use.  University accounting procedures must be followed to access the money in any type of account.  

The first three letters describe the type of account it is, the second three describe the specific club, in the first two types of index code which are the most common club accounts.

1. SCO--- (e.g. SCOSNO) is your club’s deposited funds.  They may be from fundraising or member dues. These can be spent as the club determines, and must be in line with university policies.  All university purchasing policies apply.

2. EAA--- (e.g. EAABEE) is club money allocated through the ICCAC (InterClub Council Allocation Committee) process.  These funds are held aside for the club for a limited time and may only be used for the purpose for which they were requested and allocated.   They cannot be carried over from term to term unless specific arrangements were made with ICCAC in advance.

3. SU---- (e.g. SUINTL) is money allocated through the Student Incidental Fee (referred to as SFC, Student Fee Committee) process.  A few clubs, mostly unions and resource-center-related clubs, will have access to these funds which must be approved by the related budget authority, usually the resource center coordinator.  Please see your coordinator or Tatiana ( if you believe you have gift funds or want to use them.

4. Gift accounts have the letter “X” in them. (e.g. SUXGEN) They hold money that came to the club through a donation.  Please see Tatiana ( if you believe you have gift funds or want to use them.

5. Foundation account funds do not have an index code, and are usually larger sums of money that have been donated to a club.  They need to be transferred to a university gift account to be spend.  Please contact Tatiana ( if you believe you have Foundation account funds or want to use them.

You must use the correct index code and know how much money you have to spend from that account, or you could put the account, and your club, in a deficit - a very NOT -good place to be. 

The following are campus services that clubs use and require accurate index codes:

  1. Catering
  2. Stevenson Union after hours room reservations
  3. Student Publicity Services
  4. Driver Clearance Requests
  5. Van rental requests
  6. Print and Copy services
  7. Room reservations in Hannon Library

Index Code: What is my "Index Code"?

If your club leadership is not sure of the index code, or which of your index codes to use for a particular expense, please see Tatiana, to get the correct one.  It is much safer to get the correct index code than to make a mistake.  Mistakes can be missed and cost the club funds that should have been paid from another account.

Reimbursement: What do I need to do to be Reimbursed?

Reimbursement/Payment form:

Fill this out completely.

Funding Source:

SFC, Student Fee Committee funds, (e.g. Student Unions, BSU, LSU)

ICC, Inter Club Council, (Funds to clubs, received from ICCAC, after a request and presentation, EAAxxx index code)

Club, Funds raised by your club, (SCOxxx index code)

Food or hosting expenses: You must include names of participants who ate the food you purchased on page 2 of the Reimbursement Form.  Take that form with you to the event to have people sign in, or if you have a small group you may list participant names. If you are selling food at an event, you may write “open to the campus community.”

Fund Approvers: A fund approver (a student club member, or occasionally an advisor) has been given authority by the club leadership to approve the expenditure of club funds.  Two fund approver signatures are required for reimbursements or payments and must be listed on the Club SOU Connect Roster as a “Fund Approver.” The claimant (recipient of the reimbursement) cannot be the fund approver signature on their own reimbursement, even if they are a fund approver,.  {see how to change positions in the club roster, to learn how to establish a fund approver}

Tape ITEMIZED receipts to re-used paper, available in SU 312. Credit card receipt are NOT an itemized receipt and therefore not acceptable.

Paperclip the request form and receipt pages together.

If you have any questions contact Tatiana at, or bring your partially completed form to SU 312 to review it.

Lost Receipt: What do I do if I lost my receipt(s)

What if the raft flipped and the receipts were in your pocket?

Lost receipt affidavit form:

Fill this out with all the known information and your signature that indicates this is true.

Vendor: How do I pay someone outside SOU?

There are several ways to pay an outside (SOU) vendor.  

For all options the reimbursement/payee form must be filled out prior. 

  1. Student club members are encouraged to pay the vendor directly and then be reimbursed by SOU.  (see “Reimbursements” above)

  2. SOU can pay the vendor with a check.  If the vendor has not worked with SOU previously, then there are additional steps the vendor must complete which may slow the payment process. Contact Tatiana at to learn if your proposed vendor is established to receive payments from SOU.

  3. Payment with an SOU Student Life credit card may be an option.  Contact Larry Locke at or Tatiana at, directly if you would like to explore this possibility.

Travel Reimbursement: How do I get reimbursed for travel expenses?

For reimbursements for travel expenses, use this form:

Fill it out completely and get two club fund approver signatures.  There are no specific lines for clubs on this form, so use the space at the bottom for fund approver signatures, date, and names printed clearly.

Clubs can decide how they want to reimburse drivers: full university rate, or gas expenses with receipts.  Regardless of the type of reimbursement, documentation is required.  Use mileage documentation (such as google maps print out) or receipts for expenses.  Even if the club decided to pay drivers a flat rate, the driver must demonstrate there were expenses to be reimbursed.

Fund Approver: What is a fund approver?

A fund approver is a club member (may occasionally be a club advisor) who has been given authority, by the club leadership, to approve the expenditure of club funds.  It is considered a club position. Two fund approver signatures are required for reimbursements or payments and they must be listed on the Club SOU Connect Roster as a “Fund Approver.” The claimant (recipient of the reimbursement) cannot be the fund approver signature on their own reimbursement, even if they are a Fund Approver.

Fund Request: How do I submit and Inter Club Council Allocation Committee (ICCAC) fund request?

Inter Club Council Allocation Committee (ICCAC) is the committee that hears funding requests from clubs. Your group must fill out an ICC fund Request form via SOU Connect.

Steps to Requesting Funds from ICCAC

1. Go to the Inter Club Council profile on SOU Connect and click on “Forms”

2. Click on the "2016-17 ICC Allocation Committee Application For Funding (ICCAC Request)"

3. Follow directions and complete both the form and the downloadable budget request document.

4. Once you have filled out both pages, there is an option to review and then you will hit “Submit.” There is also a discussion tab to type in any questions or provide more information. You will receive an email that says your submission had been received.

5. Your club will be required to do a short presentation on your request to the Inter Club Council Allocation Committee (ICCAC). ICCAC will contact you with more information after receiving your request. When  you present, please be prepared to answer questions about your group’s request.

Funding proposals should demonstrate how funding will: 1. Advance the mission of Southern Oregon University. 2. Promote the importance of clubs and community. 3. Contribute to the student experience.

Do you have questions or want advice? The ICCAC Chair Nicole H can be reached at You may also contact Larry Locke, Assistant Director of Student Life for Leadership at 

Fund Request Types: What types of ICCAC fund request are there?

TWO types of budget requests can be proposed to ICCAC:

ANNUAL: Clubs that have been established for at least two full years and have perceivably transitioned their organization effectively can make annual budget requests. Annual requests must be submitted by the fourth week of fall term. Once this budget has been presented and accepted that organization/club CANNOT receive additional funds from ICCAC for the remainder of that academic year.

QUARTERLY: A quarterly budget request, can be submitted to ICCAC starting at the beginning of the term until the end of the fifth week of that particular term.

Cash Box: How to get a Cash Box?

To get a cash box for your event, or to sell something, complete a SOU Connect event request. There will be a question about selling items. If you don’t complete the request we may not have a cash box ready for you!

If you are selling food, note that on the request.  You will receive a cash box with the required signage indicating this food was “prepared by students, not in a commercial kitchen.”

Fundraising Online (GoFundMe and similar services?)

Services that allow groups to fundraise online may not be used.

1) Business like gofundme or similar groups generally do not have a contract to manage state money. As an agency of SOU student organizations are state entities. 

2) Donations to SOU agencies are tax write offs. When individuals donate money, we are required by law to give them a tax receipt. When folks donate online there isn't a way to track that and get each individual their required letter. They check usually only comes in from one person's name. It is hard to make expectations with this because of the first issue. Folks who donated last year could want that tax letter and we wouldn't be able to provide it, putting SOU in a difficult place.

You can encourage donations to your group threw the SOU Foundation page - Folks need to explicitly state their donation is for your group to receive those funds.  



SU Posting Guidelines

All publicity must be approved through the Student Life Office for posting in the Stevenson Union.

All publicity must include the name of the sponsoring group. Only campus related events or info may be advertised on campus bulletin boards.

 Advertisements must be placed within the boundaries of the appropriate bulletin boards. No more than one poster per board.

Existing signs may not be covered, moved, or removed when posting new signs. All signs must conform to Oregon State laws, Ashland City ordinances, and Southern Oregon University policies. Signs in violation of these policies will be removed.

The university reserves the right to remove all signs at the end of each month, or at times deemed appropriate.

Special exceptions to the posting policy may be granted by the Director of Student Life as appropriate.

All reservations for the Boulevard Sign are made through the Student Publicity Center. The boulevard sign is for major events. The Student Publicity Center will make all signs and hang them, which incurs a fee for the requesting club or organization.

All reservations for the Kiosk Sign are made through the Student Publicity Center. The Student Publicity Center will make all signs and hang them, which incurs a fee for the requesting club or organization

Plastic sign holders (“table toppers”) located in Elmo’s are used to promote SOU campus activities. Contact the Student Publicity Center to create the toppers and the Student Life Office for permission to place them in Elmo’s.

Any political advertisements for candidates running for office must be posted only on the public bulletin board. This does not include student government elections.  Chalking in the SU Courtyard must be a minimum of 20 feet from the SU Doors.

The Director of Student Life is responsible for interpreting campus policies related to posting. Policies related to solicitation on campus are notes in the Administrative Rules for Southern Oregon University. Appeals of any decisions made by the Director of Student Life will be referred to the Provost Office.


Movie Rights

The showing of movies may require a public viewing license. For information about public film viewings please contact the office of Student Life. 36 Movies publicized and shown in a public setting by SOU groups are required to purchase the “rights” or public viewing license. There are various companies that sell movie licenses. The United States Copyright law provides the exemption of purchasing movie rights if the purpose is for direct face to face teaching activities, but does not include performances for recreation or entertainment purposes, even if there is cultural value or intellectual appeal. The United States Copyright Law section § 110(1) with specific language for public viewing license exemptions is found in Title 17 of the United States Code and is stated below. § 110. Limitations on exclusive rights: Exemption of certain performances and displays Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, the following are not infringements of copyright: (1) performance or display of a work by instructors or pupils in the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a nonprofit educational institution, in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction, unless, in the case of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, the performance, or the display of individual images, is given by means of a copy that was not lawfully made under this title, and that the person responsible for the performance knew or had reason to believe was not lawfully made;


Religious Groups

In accordance with U.S. Supreme Court rulings, religious groups whose purpose is to study or perpetuate a particular organized religion or religious philosophy are not eligible for Student Fee funding unless the following two situations both apply:

 The sponsored event is open to all students regardless of any religious affiliation

 The event is openly publicized for the general student population as well as the university community.


Political Groups

Clubs and organizations may not receive Student Fee funds for activities supporting political candidates and/or measures. NO GROUP MAY REPRESENT A POLITICAL CANDIDATE. GROUPS MAY REPRESENT POLITICAL PARTIES. The Associated Students of Southern Oregon University will sponsor or co-sponsor all political speakers and candidates who desire to appear on campus in order to provide equal access to the campus and expedite arrangements.

The Stevenson Union may be used for the purpose of holding political meetings, provided that:

 There is no interference with regularly scheduled functions

 Students are permitted to hear the speakers without charge

 Sponsors pay any regular fees required for the use of the facilities

 There is equal opportunity for each of the political party candidates to speak

 The activity is educational in nature

Posting campaign signs, announcements, etc. in campus buildings or on campus grounds is prohibited. The public bulletin board inside the Stevenson Union is the only location on campus for posting of campaign signs or political announcements. The Stevenson Union courtyard, raised lounge, and Elmo's are available for political candidates to visit with students, faculty, and staff. However, these areas are not to be used for speech making and no material is to be distributed.

Individuals from off-campus may solicit signatures for ballot measures in the free speech zone outside of the Stevenson Union in the courtyard only.

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