Term paper delivery is a service for students who have difficulties being on campus when a paper is due.

  • When passes are closed
  • When children are sick
  • When you are sick
  • When unusual life events make it impossible to come to campus

To Use This Service:

Call us at the CRC (541-552-8238) and speak with a staff member. We'll know to expect your paper, and will try to help you get it to us. Usually this happens as an attachment to email, but center staff need to know to expect it from you. Also if there are special delivery arrangements, we can discuss these details with you.

Please Keep In Mind...

  • You must call the CRC before sending your paper, or center staff will not know to start checking for your paper.
  • You should call or email your instructors to let them know that you are making arrangements for the paper to be delivered in case there are any technical difficulties getting it received, printed, or delivered.
  • Unless you have made arrangements on the phone, your paper will be delivered as-is.
  • While center staff are ready and willing to deliver papers, please remember that this service pulls center staff away from the CRC and should be used as a last resort and not as a regular delivery option.

Helpful Information:

  • Faculty and Staff Directory use Directory on Inside SOU
  • Owncloud to access your "P" drive when off campus