12/1/11 - Leadership Emergency Meeting

Russ made the motion to allocate funds from Travel, Training and Club funds to cover the out-of-pocket costs for the National Conference. Sammi seconded the motion, an email was sent out to board members not present describing the motion and asking for absentee votes.

12/1/11 - Membership Meeting

National Conference:

Funding for the event was discussed and funding matters were referred to the board of directors.

Meeting times:

Danielle suggested having the meetings on Thrusday Evenings since few students have class the following day and most students are already on campus.

The suggestion was brought forward to use a google form so members can indicate what times work best for them.

It was also suggested to broadcast the meetings via skype so members out of town can attend.

Focus Group

The Veterans Services Focus Group will be meeting on Friday, December 2nd at 2PM in the Veterans Resource Office. They are requesting new members.

Projects/Fund raising

Hosing a membership drive was brought up to increase the number of members in SVA.

Multiple Ideas for fundraisers were brought up, including a BBQ in the SU courtyard.

Kirby will be working with Athletics to host a veterans night at one of the basketball games winter term.

11/30/11 - Leadership Meeting

Minutes will be uploaded soon.

11/1/11 - Membership Meeting

The SVA and the Veterans Resource Office with help of the school administration are starting at Veterans Services Focus Group we currently have three student veterans in the group and are looking for at least two more veterans.

We also got information on the National Conference which will be held at the beginning of December in Las Vegas. We are working on getting the conference funded through student fees, however if funding is not available we are going to try to send four students. The cost will be about $165 per student who is sent. This would include travel, hotel and event registration. Food and other commodities will be on the individual.

We also are looking for leadership for the SVA. Currently we have seven positions open for election. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three members at large. These positions will make up the SVA Board of Directors. If you are interested in a leadership position please email Kirby at KirbyRider1@gmail.com to find out more about the position.

Finally, we have a plethora of events happening in the next few weeks. If you would like any more information on the events please contact Kirby.

  • ·         Flags along Raider Way, November 10, 630AM to 9AM
  • ·         Veterans Reception, November 10, Noon to 2PM, Lunch will be provided
  • ·         Shepard’s of Helmand, November 11, Noon to 2PM, Potluck lunch
  • ·         Young Marines Thank You Dinner, November 11, 4-5PM and 6-7 PM, Free Dinner
    •   Only 75 seats available for each seating. Contact Sabrina at 541-890-4387 to register.
  • ·         Returning Warrior Workshop, December 2-4, Portland Oregon
  • ·         SVA National Conference, December 8-10, Las Vegas NV.




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