Computer Science students may apply for these internship positions directly with the company.  Please review the position duties and skills being requested. Applications must be made directly with the business and contact information is on each listing.  We encourage you to submit a cover letter, resume, and references as a minimum application packet.

Some postings request skills not covered in the SOU CS curriculum.  Nevertheless, we encourage you to apply if you are interested in a specific position, are committed to delivering results that meet the company's objectives, and are willing to learn on the job.  Please contact your faculty advisor if you have questions about whether or not you should apply for a particular position.

This page is updated as new internship opportunities become available.  We are excited about the opportunity to provide this bridge to local businesses.  We hope this internship program facilitates both real-world learning opportunities for students and fruitful help for our business partners, with the possibility for future employment positions for graduates.

2016-2017 Internship Positions 

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