Businesses: Submit an Internship Proposal

Students: Listing of Available Internships

The SOU Computer Science (CS) department offers technology internships with local businesses as part of its undergraduate degree program. CS majors may complete internships for elective credit. Southern Oregon is home to numerous technology companies in the region. SOU Computer Science internships are mutually beneficial to:

  • Students as an excellent means of gaining applied learning and industry experience.
  • Businesses to tap into and influence the training and caliber of the pending labor pool of SOU CS graduates.
  • The SOU Computer Science department by receiving 360º feedback from industry, allowing faculty to build relevancy and rigorousness into the curriculum.

The Computer Science department encourages student participation in the internship programs as an excellent means of gaining applied learning. Businesses may submit an internship proposal(s) for any or all academic terms, requesting students to work on projects that may involve programming in various languages: developing databases, creating mobile apps, enhancing point of sale systems, or adding new functions and features to e-commerce systems—across a spectrum of industries, products or services, and organizational structures. Alternatively students may develop an internship through a local business they are interested in gaining experience from. 

Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and skills beyond technology such as client management, business systems application, change management, and working effectively in teams to achieve project goals. These real-world work experiences help students successfully move from academia to industry.

Internship opportunities are competitive. Internship positions submitted by businesses are posted, and interested students apply directly to the posting companies. The decision to “hire” is entirely at the discretion of the company. We encourage both businesses and students to engage with each other as in a regular employment situation.


Internship Guidelines

Internship opportunities are available to junior and senior level Computer Science majors on a term by term basis—Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Here are general guidelines to keep in mind:        

  • Students may apply a maximum of 4 hours of internship credits towards upper division Computer Science electives. Note: SOU accepts 15 hours per prefix and a total of 30 hours of internship credit towards a degree.
  • Students may earn 1-4 credits per term at a place of business. The number of credits and thus, hours worked, depends on the need of each business for a particular term and internship position. For example:

o   1 credit hour = 30 hours of on-site work over a 10-week term

o   4 credit hours = 120 hours of work over a 10-week term

  • Businesses can submit proposals directly to the Computer Science department for internships at any time for any future quarter. Internships may be paid within legal guidelines or unpaid as determined by the business.
  • Internship sites and projects will be approved by CS faculty. Internship projects will then be posted so that students may apply directly to the businesses for the "positions."
  • The business sponsor and assigned faculty advisor will agree to a work plan prior to the internship starting. However, students will report directly to a supervisor at each place of business and will be accountable to that business for their work performance.
  • Grading will be pass/fail. Internships must be completed within the designated term, and may not carry over from one term to another. Faculty, internships sites, and students will be involved in completing a pre-determined evaluation process.


For more information about Computer Science Internships, contact:

Peter Nordquist, Dept. Chair, or 541-552-6148