We make transferring to SOU simple!  Here are some transfer tools that will show you how your credits will transfer. As a prospective student in our program, we can also provide you with an unofficial evaluation of your transcripts prior to admission. Simply email or fax them to: business@sou.edu or by fax at (541) 552-8101. 


Transfer Tools:

General Education Transfer Guides
  This form displays the courses at your school that satisfy the general education requirements at SOU.

Course Equivalencies
This search displays how SOU accepts courses you transfer from your school.

Individual Transfer Course Look Up
This search allows specific lookup of transfer courses by subject code and course number.

Articulation Agreements
Students who successfully complete all designated courses in a SOU articulation agreement will have met SOU's lower-division general education requirements, be eligible for admission to their selected major at SOU and upon admission, will be assured junior standing within their selected major.



Transferring from California?

Qualifying students can receive our Transfer Scholarship which makes the cost of attendance at SOU as economical as in-state tuition. Check out the California Transfers page for more information. CSUGE or IGETC certification is accepted to satisfy Southern's lower division general education requirements.



College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)


You can shorten your path to a college degree by taking some courses through the CLEP program. CLEP offers options of testing for Composition and Literature, Science and Mathematics, Foreign Language,  History and Social Sciences and Business.    For more information, go to the CLEP website:



Oregon Community Colleges - Online Courses

The Oregon Community Colleges Distance Learning program offer many lower division general education and business courses online. If you need to fill in a few gaps in your general education or business requirements, you may want to consider this resource.  Here is the website link to this program: