Psy 409B Practicum ( 9 credits)
Provides an integrated didactic theory and practice experience allowing the student to develop psychological service skills and knowledge within selected programs and agencies. This is a culmination theory-practice course. Students must commit themselves to a long-term experience, making formal arrangements for their placement well in advance through consultation with the field practicum instructors.

Psy 429 Program Development ( 4 credits)
Explores the principles, processes, and practices in the creation of human services related public policies and subsequent programs. Students develop a model human service program as a significant part of this course.

Psy 438 Group Dynamics ( 4 credits)
the study of group and interpersonal functioning via practical laboratory experience. Addresses leadership, group cohesion, decision-making, conflict resolution, trust, interpersonal attraction, communication, and self-disclosure.

Psy 443 Behavior Modification ( 4 credits)
Offers familiarization with various behavior modification techniques, analysis of the various uses of behavior modification, practice in developing programs for application, and data analysis.

Psy 471 Introduction to Helping Skills ( 4 credits)
Exploration of the roles and functions of the professional counselor relative to other mental health professionals. Focuses on developing the core ingredients of effective counseling practice, including the interpersonal, conceptual, and helping skills relevant to personal, work, and family relationships at the paraprofessional level. Includes attention to helping microskills, ethics, and application of contemporary theory.

Psy 475 Crisis Intervention ( 4 credits)
Applies helping strategies to specific crisis situations and critical incidents. Examines the driving forces behind the event, assessment procedures, and intervention strategies applied during and after the trauma incident. Crisis categories include suicide, battered women's syndrome, sexual assault, posttraumatic stress disorder, personal loss, and substance abuse.

Psy 497 Human Services Capstone ( 4 credits)
Integration and synthesis of the skills and knowledge acquired in the Human Service Program. Students will develop a social service program encompassing needs assessment, program rationale, objectives, methods, activities, and a plan for program evaluation.


Soc 304 Poverty, Family, and Policy ( 4 credits)
Examines contemporary poverty in the U.S. and its effects on family life. Focuses on the impact of racial and gender inequalities. Analyzes policy and legal approaches to poverty reduction, welfare reform, and family instability. Students compare successful and failed policies before exploring program development and policy analysis strategies. Students observe local decision-making groups and design a small-scale service-learning project. Prerequisite: Completion of all lower division general education requirements. Approved for general education (Synthesis)

Soc 310 Community Studies ( 4 credits)
Observation and analysis of American communities and their major social institutions. Examines cultural, political, and ecological influences in rural and urban regions. Prerequisite: Soc 204.

Soc 312 Sociology of the Family ( 4 credits)
Emphasis is on change sin structure, function, and character of the family resulting from its relationship to the larger society. Contemporary family is compared to historical and cross-cultural forms. Analysis of family issues, such as changing gender roles, divorce, single parents, domestic violence, and new roles for children and aged relatives. Prerequisite: Soc 204.

SOC 444 Social Organization 
Analyzes theory and research on formal organizations in contemporary societies. Examines sources and forms of power and authority, management ideologies, bureaucratic structures and processes, organizational change, relationships between organizations and other aspects of social structure. Particular attention given to special characteristics of nonprofit organizations and alternatives to bureaucracy. Prerequisite: SOC 204.