In collaboration with the School of Social Science, the Department of Psychology offers an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree program focusing on the needs of human service professionals. Classes are conveniently scheduled at nights and on weekends in Ashland and Medford to accommodate the schedules of working students. The program is for students who:

  1. have completed an associate of arts degree or approximately two years of college;
  2. want to better understand their community and social environment;
  3. desire to improve their career opportunities and reach educational goals; and
  4. wish to enhance specific human relations skills and strengthen their ability to work effectively in social services.

SOU’s small class sizes and friendly learning environment foster close ties among students, faculty, and the community. The length of the degree completion program varies with each individual, depending on prior coursework and employment status.

Tiki Boudreau
Coordinator, Human Service Degree Completion Program 
(541) 552-8155  (Medford)
(541) 552-6942 (Ashland)

Dr. Kelly Szott
Coordinator, Human Service Degree Completion Program 
(541) 552-8153

Fax: (541) 552-8101  
Higher Education Center
101 South Bartlett
Medford, OR 97501