What does it take to earn my degree from SOU?

In order to complete a bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University you will need to meet the following requirements.

  1. Complete SOU’s University Studies (general education) requirements. These requirements can be met in one of 3 ways
    1. If you have completed an ASOT/Business or AAOT from an Oregon Community College, you have met SOU’s lower-division university studies requirements. You will need to complete 3 upper division synthesis courses to complete this requirement
    2. If you have completed all general education requirements at an accredited four-year institution of higher education. Students must provide documentation from the institution stating that general education requirements were met
    3. If you have completed the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University requirements. Students must provide documentation stating this curriculum was completed.
  2. Complete requirements for your major.
    Bachelor of Applied Science in Management
    Early Childhood Development
    Human Service
    Innovation & Leadership
  3. Complete a total of 180 credits. Of these 180 credits, you need 60 credits of upper division coursework (classes at the 300-400 level).
  4. Complete requirements for Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA). Please note that students completing a degree in Business will automatically have met the BS requirements. To complete a Bachelor of Arts, you will need to have completed one year of a foreign language at the second year level (for instance, Spanish 201, 202, 203). You will also need 48 credits from the Humanities area.
  5. Foreign Language requirement - If you graduated from high school or earned your GED after fall term, 1997, you will need to meet our Admissions foreign language requirement. This means you will need to have completed two years of the same foreign language with a C- grade or better in high school OR have completed two terms of the same foreign language with a C-grade or better of college-level language. You can still be admitted to SOU if you have not completed the language requirement. However, you’ll need to have this done before you graduate. Here’s the link to our Admissions homepage which explains in detail this requirement: http://www.sou.edu/enrollment/academic-services/secondlanguage.html
  6. Apply for Graduation. You should apply for graduation about three terms prior to your completion term.

Graduation Check List:

_____ University Studies Completed

_____ Major Requirements Completed

_____ Minor Requirements Completed

_____ Cumulative overall GPA of at least 2.0

_____ 60 credits upper division course work

_____ 45 of last 60 credits in residence

_____ Adequate GPA for major

_____ 180 credits completed