Mission:   Promoting an inclusive, bias-aware campus at Southern Oregon University through proactive education and responsive action to bias-related incidents.

What is Bias?

A bias incident is an action in which an individual is made aware that her/his status is offensive to another, but does not rise to the level of a crime. Bias incidents involve actions committed against a person or property that are consciously or unconsciously motivated by the bias against race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity or expression, age, or disability.

How to report?

Clicking on the Report Bias Here link will take you to the SOU Cares Report where you have the ability to select the Hate/Bias Report type.  This report will be submitted to the chair of the Bias Response Team who will then assemble the rest of the group to discuss the nature of the incident and reach out to the parties who are impacted.  You can also meet with a member of the Bias Response Team to process the incident.

Who is the Bias Response Team?

The Bias Response Team is a group of people from different areas across Southern Oregon University's campus, that are dedicated to supporting the well-being of all SOU students.  The following people make up the Bias Response Team for the 2014-15 academic year:

Housing and Residential Life - Kathleen Jensen

Queer Resource Center - Thomas Arce

Women's Resource Center - Riah Safady

Multicultural Resource Center - Marvin Woodard

Philosophy - (faculty) Devorah Shapiro

Physics - (faculty) Ellen Siem

Theatre - (faculty) Eric Levin

University Seminar - (faculty) Matt Moreali

Business - (faculty) Jane Picknell

Disability Resources - Shawn Foster

Student - Jamani Crockett

Student Life - Janelle Wilson

Student Health and Wellness - Victor Chang

Campus Public Safety- Robert Gibson

Athletics - Jenni Rosenburg

Student Support and Intervention- Taylor Burke

Financial Aid- Debbie O'Dea

Enrollment Services- Mathew Cable


We recognize that incidents related to diversity and inclusion can be complicated and complex, so even if a student isn't sure if what they have experienced is bias, we encourage them to submit a report or talk to someone on the bias response team.  In case of an emergency, we urge folks to contact Campus Public Safety at 541-552-6258.