Dear students and colleagues,

I am heartened by today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that rejects the Trump administration’s effort to end legal protections for DACA students at SOU and elsewhere. We are committed to protecting the ability of all SOU students to pursue their educational dreams, regardless of immigration status, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious affiliation or political persuasion. I wholeheartedly endorse the message below from the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, of which I am a member.


Linda Schott
President, Southern Oregon University  

June 18, 2020
Contact: Jose Magaña-Salgado

Washington, D.C.—Today, the Supreme Court held that rescission of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) by the administration was unlawful, temporarily allowing for the continuation of DACA, likely into the next administration. The Presidents’ Alliance emphatically welcomes and commends the decision, particularly for its positive impact on DACA recipients, our communities, and our nation. Below, we provide statements from the Presidents’ Alliance:

Jose Magaña-Salgado, Director of Policy and Communications, Presidents’ Alliance and DACA Recipient, stated: “As a long-time DACA recipient, today’s decision represents a shocking and unexpected glimmer of hope in an increasingly turbulent and difficult time for immigrant youth. The Court’s decision provides a desperately needed lifeboat for immigrant youth, such as myself, to remain in the only country we consider home, grow our roots even deeper, and communicates a resounding message: ‘We see you. You belong.’ It is my sincere and deep hope that today’s decision marks the beginning of a transformation of our nation’s immigration policies away from division and deportation and toward protecting all immigrants, particularly immigrants still vulnerable to our nation’s deportation apparatus, including our parents, LGTBTQ immigrants, and black immigrants.”

Miriam Feldblum, Executive Director, Presidents’ Alliance, stated: “Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is a win for us all but especially for the 216k DACA-eligible immigrants enrolled in higher education. The Court’s decision is a testament to the leadership, perseverance, and determination of the many DACA recipients and Dreamers who put their faith in the American dream. These aspiring Americans—who are Americans in all ways except on paper–contributed immensely to our campuses and communities across this nation with many of them serving as essential workers, researchers, and medical professionals during this COVID-19 pandemic. Now more urgently than ever, we need to call on Congress to pass legislation and provide these young people a roadmap to citizenship and permanent integration into the fabric of our nation.”