Not Alone Survey

On April 9th, 2017 SOU participated in the Not Alone Survey. The survey, which is a study of sexual experiences and attitude among undergraduate students, is being used in colleges and universities across the country. Not Alone was administered by SOURCE - an independent non-profit research center that is housed at SOU.

The Not Alone survey was a web-based questionnaire that asks students about:

  • Perceptions of campus community and safety
  • Knowledge of university policies and resources
  • Experiences of sexual misconduct
  • Perceptions of the university's response to reports of sexual misconduct

During Winter Term of 2018, SOURCE finalized the result of the study and they can be found here.

Support regarding sexual violence:

Confidential Advising
Angela Fleischer, Assistant Director, Confidential Advising

Confidential Advocates
Riah Safady, Coordinator of Women's Resource Center; 

Marvin Woodard, Coordinator of the Multicultural Resource Center


Thank you to SOU's Provost Office, Grant and Contacts, ASSOU and the Student Fee Committee, SOURCE, Diversity, and the Women's Resource Center for all of your help in making this survey possible.