Arpil 2, 2017

Dear SOU Students,

In about a week, SOU will work with SOURCE -- an independent research center that is housed on our campus -- to implement the “Not Alone: Safety, Support and Student Experiences Survey.” This is a confidential, web-based survey about the sexual experiences and attitudes of undergraduates. The survey has been administered at many colleges and universities around the country.

Participation in the Not Alone survey is completely voluntary, but I hope all undergraduates will make their voices heard by choosing to take part. Your views and experiences are very important, and sharing them will help inform positive change at SOU.

The answers you provide will remain completely confidential and will not be linked to your identity.

Invitations to participate in the Not Alone survey, and detailed information about the study, will be sent to your SOU email address. If you have any questions or comments, you may email them to Dr. Eva Skuratowicz at

I hope you will embrace the opportunity to participate in this important study, and I thank you in advance for doing so.


Linda Schott
President, Southern Oregon University