University Coaching and Academic Mentoring (UCAM)

Looking for new ways to succeed in college and support while you learn those new strategies?  Looking for support in navigating the many competing priorities of a student? Looking for a program that gives students with learning disabilities the tools to succeed? Looking for a university that offers more than accommodations? Then you are looking for UCAM.

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What is UCAM?

UCAM is a comprehensive, fee-for-services support program for students experiencing academic challenges. We know that, for a variety of reasons, some students need a coach to help them reach their academic best. Designed for students with executive function challenges, ADD, and other learning disabilities, UCAM promotes self-advocacy, autonomy, and academic achievement. Our coaches work with individual students in weekly coaching sessions and are focused completely on students learning to reach their academic goals.

The mission of UCAM is provide supportive and challenging coaching and mentoring for students with a wide variety of learning differences. Focused specifically on the individual student and the student's own goals, UCAM staff help the student develop academic skills, self-efficacy, and an understanding of the unwritten curriculum, especially in critical transition times in the student's university career.

Who benefits from UCAM?

Students who have experienced challenges with planning,  follow-through, breaking big projects into manageable tasks, determining what's important to study and how to do it - whether or not you have a documented learning disability.  

   How does UCAM work?

UCAM is a year-long service that provides a pre-fall orientation, weekly coaching sessions, a professional writing coach, and skill development opportunities. Students say that having that coach to check in with each week makes an enormous difference in both their success and their ability to handle stress.

UCAM provides weekly, one-on-one coaching sessions, plus follow up support as needed. It is available to all SOU students and is financial aid eligible. The cost is $1,495/term.

Additional services:

  • New student orientation
  • Pre-advising
  • Professional writing coach
  • Referrals to other campus and community resources
  • Skill development opportunities
  • Midterm progress checks
  • End-of-term coaching feedback 

What are the benefits of coaching sessions?

  • Setting and meeting academic goals
  • Time management and organization
  • Tracking due dates and completing assignments
  • Writing skills development
  • Self-advocacy
  • Developing effective study skills


Students who made regular use of UCAM resources in the comprehensive saw their GPA increase an average of .72 points from before their enrollment in UCAM.


Students in the UCAM comprehensive persist toward graduation at a 25% higher rate than the general SOU student population.



“I love my coach, she was super supportive and I really benefitted from my meetings with her this term.”


“Great program!”


“Very effective and helpful!”


“I’d have really gone off the deep end without your support!”


“My husband and I really believe that if our son would have had his coach or a clone of her while he was at his previous college that more progress would have been made. She is so positive in her efforts and support of us and our son, plus she is creative in her ideas and plans for him. She follows through. That is a beautiful thing in our world of parents with a LD son. ”