“ I’d rather go by bus.” - Prince Charles

Bike Bus

As an SOU student you are eligible for a discounted student bus pass, for $15 per term you can ride for free on any RVTD bus. The student bus pass gives you a 90% discount compared to the cost of a regular monthly bus pass, which is $56.

Download the TouchPass Transit app and use your student email (@sou.edu) to get access to your bus pass from your phone! Then, head to Enrollment Services in Britt Hall to have your pass loaded onto your TouchPass account. Alternatively, you can ask for a physical TouchPass card when you go to Enrollment Services.  

Combine this with the convenient One Bus Away app (which provides you with live departure and arrival times ) and you’re in control. No more waiting around for that bus that’s running late, or racing to catch the bus as it takes off. One Bus Away gives you real-time updates on when the bus will reach your stop.


What are the benefits?

  • Reduce congestion in Ashland and on the interstate

  • Save money on car expenses by getting a student discount on bus passes

  • Help support our growing transit system in the Rogue Valley and reduce your carbon footprint


How much is a student bus pass?

  • $15 dollars per term

How do I get a student  bus pass?

  • Download the TouchPass Transit App for Apple or Android.
  • Go to Enrollment Services in Britt Hall and pay only $15 for the whole term.

  • Start riding!


Download the OneBusAway App

Ever been discouraged to take the bus because you weren’t sure how long you would have to wait for the bus, or if you possibly missed it?

With the One Bus Away App that is no longer an issue. Know where your bus is, and when it will arrive with a quick look on your mobile device.


Why not let someone else do the driving when you need to get around?

Bring a good book, a good friend, or those flash cards you need to study anyway along for the ride and let RVTD’s bus drivers deliver you to your destination.