“I thought about it while riding my bicycle” -Albert Einstein on the Theory of Relativity

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Don’t have a bike, but have always wanted to be part of the big cyclist culture in Ashland?

Rent a (snazzy) bike through the Bike Program for only $50 for the term!

check out the Outdoor Program at 1555 Webster St., or visit their website to find out more!

If you have any reservations about biking, the Bike Program regularly offers group rides for all skill levels that are a safe, fun way to practicing bicycling around town.

Ashland is a Gold-Certified Bike Friendly City, and SOU is a Silver-Certified Bike Friendly University, both, by the League of American Bicyclists. Rest assured you’re in good company when you take to the streets on two wheels!

What are the benefits of riding your bike?

  • Park for free,

  • Be a part of a growing cyclist culture in Ashland,

  • Cruise through town and campus with speed and style

  • Burn calories, not gas!

Where do I even get a bike?

  • Rent a bike for the term through the Bike/ Outdoor Program at 1555 Webster St. Ashland Or 97520 . Email the bike program to find out more information at bike@sou.edu.

  • Zagster Bikes - Find your bike at Lithia Way Overpass at Water St. - $20 annual fee for membership, free every ride after that, or with a casual pass, the 1st 2 hours are free, $1 every hour after that, up to $6 per ride.

  • Get an electric bike through Picadilly's Cycles- Visit their website!

Need  general maintenance?