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Carpool 1

Looking to make friends while reducing your carbon footprint? Connect with fellow commuters through the Drive Less Connect program’s  Raider Rideshare network. Let this free and easy to use program do all the work for you!

Log your trips and track money and CO2 emissions saved, as well as your miles traveled and trips not driven alone! Sign up today to start connecting with future friends with similar routes and schedules.

Want to get a carpool parking permit?

  • Carpool parking permits will be sold for entire school year only if the carpool meets the following criteria:

    • (a) The carpool must contain at least two individuals with cars, but no more than six.

    • (b) No more than one vehicle from the carpool is allowed on campus at a particular time. No second permits will be sold. However, replacement permits are available if requirements as stated in regulations for replacement permits are met.

  • Instructions to apply for parking permit here. Specify that you want a carpool permit for $135.