Program Description

SOU's Continuing Administrator License (CAL) Program offers a unique curriculum composed of relevant courses identified by practicing school administrators in the Southern Oregon region. The unique focus of the proposed CAL program is the incorporation of pertinent courses addressing themes identified by practitioners that reach beyond traditional educational methods and approaches to leadership and organizations.  This expanded view of organizational leadership enables a more flexible and meaningful opportunity to mix the theory and practice of educational administration across a larger breadth of academic fields, rather than a linear, course-by-course approach from only an educational perspective.  The coursework for the CAL provides theoretical foundations and opportunities for students to engage with the content and standards required for the Continuing Administrative License by TSPC. 

The CAL program's outcomes-based focus is accomplished through attention to appropriate concepts of adult learning as a process for instruction to prepare educational leaders for the challenges of working with adults.  Problem-centered learning opportunities will provide CAL candidates an opportunity to apply theory to real problems facing today's administrators at the school, district, state, and national levels.  The outcomes-based focus will encourage students to serve as instructional leaders to develop and share instruction with faculty and administrators.

The unique aspect of SOU's CAL Program is the focus on "outcomes-based practice."  Rather than the traditional reliance on "seat time," the CAL program, similar to SOU's IAL program, utilizes a combination of workshops, modules, practicum, and discussion and sharing.  This multidimensional format provides a more flexible and meaningful opportunity to mix the theory and practice of educational administration.  Each quarter of the program, the course work and practica evolve from identified focus areas within the Standards for administrators. 

Students work interactively with SOU faculty and the students' mentors in the field to determine how outcomes for each of the standards will be met through the combination of traditional coursework, practicum experiences, and workshops taught in conjunction with the Southern Oregon Educational Service District's professional development activities.  All program activities are to be developed through collaborative efforts among SOU faculty and southern Oregon practicing administrators.  Students will document on a term-by-term basis the outcomes they have mastered for each focus area for the term.  They conclude the CAL program with a capstone portfolio that documents the outcomes achieved within the Standards.  An alternative approach to the delivery of the program is inherent in the outcomes-based focus through innovative coursework.

Once admitted to the program, Program Participants complete the CAL Planned Program form and forward it to the School of Education for approval.

The SOU CAL program is 28 credits with admissions accepted throughout the school year.  


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