How do I know what classes to take?

You should contact the CAL Advisor to complete a program plan. The CAL program is 28 credits. A maximum of 9 credits may be transferred from another university.

How do I register?

The class schedule can be found at Registration is done online through your student account.

What is required for practicum hours?

A total of 270 practicum hours are needed to complete the program. You enroll in a total of 9 credits of LEAD 528: CAL Leadership Into Practice. LEAD 528 is offered as variable credit each term (1-9). Students typically take 3 credits per term for which they log approximately 30 hours per credit. You select your own mentor or the CAL Advisor can assign one. You do not have to be in an administrative position to take LEAD 528. Each time you enroll in LEAD 528 you must complete a Quarterly Assessment. Practicum hours need to be accomplished across all three levels (elementary, middle school, and high school). In total, you need to complete four Quarterly Assessments - two are with your mentor and two are with your SOU supervisor. More information about the practicum can be found in the CAL Mentor Handbook.

All practicum hours need to be documented in a log that includes the activity, hours spent, TSPC Standards addressed, grade level, and a brief explanation of the activity and your participation. Again, 270 hours are required by TSPC across all three levels.

What is the Portoflio?

The Portfolio is documentation of evidence of your practicum activities. The Portfolio is typically organized by each of the six TSPC Standards. The supporting documentation is composed of artifacts, such as meeting minutes, reports, personal logs, evaluations, brochures, improvement plans, etc. A brief (one page) introduction is required for the Portfolio. The introduction explains how the overall Portfolio is organized with a summary of the artifacts included. Each of the six TSPC Standards will also have a brief introduction of the artifacts included. Enrollment in the one credit Portfolio course (LEAD 520) is required to complete the program. This course is typically taken the last term of the CAL coursework.

What do I do when I am ready to complete the program?

Final completion requires you to have all coursework completed, Portfolio submitted and approved, Practicum log verified with 270 hours across all three levels, and four Quarterly Assessments submitted. After the CAL Advisor approves the Portfolio, the Licensure Specialist, Margaret Wright, will be notified. Margaret will do a final transcript evaluation and will then submit the C-2 recommendation to TSPC. At this point, you should have an official SOU transcript sent to TSPC, and you should submit your TSPC application for the license.