Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Children's Literature - Oct 23

Partnering with Parents - Nov 13


Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Children's Literature - Dr. Erin Wilder

Saturday, October 23
8:30 am - 4:30 pm with working lunch
Higher Education Center, Room 209
Riverside Ave, Medford, OR

This workshop will explore the basis of anti-racist education through exploring holidays from around the world. While this is just the first step in creating an inclusive classroom environment for young children, holidays are a great way to teach children about various cultures through their rich traditions and celebrations. Children's literature is an accessible way for teachers and children to learn about and celebrate similarities and differences among many cultures.

During the one day workshop participants will:

  • Learn basic definitions of culture and the need for anti-racist education in early childhood and beyond.
  • Explore their own classroom/program and look at practices that encourage or discourage a welcoming environment for children and families from all cultures.
  • Share experiences with one another regarding questions/concerns about how to address different holidays in an educational setting. Questions that will be explored include:
  1. Does it benefit children to not celebrate holidays in the early childhood classroom?
  2. Are holidays an important part of culture? Why or why not?
    Through exploring such topics teachers will have the opportunity to evaluate the practices of their classrooms/programs and see how they are best meeting the cultural needs of all students.
  • Spend a great deal of time exploring early childhood books on holidays and creating lessons around how to best integrate them into their classroom throughout the year.

For participants taking this course for college credit, the concluding project for this course will be an action plan where participants will use some of the tools they learned during the workshop to create a welcoming classroom for all through the use of children's literature.


"A multicultural/anti-bias approach can help students learn to place a positive value on those differences and to treat all people with respect. It can nurture the development of positive self identity and group identity in not only the students but also the staff and families." (Ellen Wolpert)


Partnering With Parents...Becoming an effective educational team

Saturday, November 13
8:30 am -4:30 pm with working lunch
Higher Education Center - Room 209
Riverside Ave. Medford OR

Presented by: Sands Stockwell M.A. - Adjunct professor at SOU and RCC & Mickey Hill - Parent of a child who has special needs and co-parent of two children who are developing typically

All topics will be covered from a dual perspective - from a "professional" and from a parent

Topics to be covered include:

  • Effective teaching in home environments (targeted birth-5)
  • Something is off... How do I bring this topic up?
  • (I need help!) - Why doesn't the parent seek or accept services to help their child?
  • Transitions in educational services...from birth to beyond
  • A lively, interactive Q and A session
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