Q: Does SOU have an ESOL endorsement program? A: Yes, the School of Education at SOU offers a program of studies consisting of six core courses, a 3-credit field-based practicum, and a 3-credit portfolio course. This course of study meets the requirements for Oregon’s ESOL endorsement.

Q: What tests will I have to pass?

A: After completing the required coursework, to qualify for the ESOL Endorsement you are also required to pass the ORELA ESOL Exam (see the "Resources" tab for a link to the ORELA website). To qualify for an ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement you are required to pass the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) at an advanced level administered by ACTFL (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (http://www.actfl.org).*

Q: Will the program be offered at the undergraduate level?

A: No. The ESOL program courses are 500 level courses and require the completion of a BA degree.

Q: Do you have to be admitted as a graduate student?

A: You may take up to 12 credit hours of courses in the ESOL program before being admitted to the Schoolof Education and the Graduate School at SOU.

Q: How do I add the endorsement to my teaching license?

A: When all requirements have been met, you will need to submit a complete application to TSPC.

Q: Does the program qualify for financial aid?

A: The program qualifies for financial aid only if you have been admitted to a degree-granting program.

Q: May I waive any courses because of experience and in-service workshops?

A: Only the Field-Based Practicum: ESOL/Bilingual Ed 521 may be waived. You may petition to waive it based on experience teaching in bilingual and/or ESL programs in Oregon public schools. You will need to submit to the School of Education at SOU a letter from your principal and a Petition for Waiver for Teacher Education Requirements form.

Q: May I complete a Masters Degree with an emphasis in ESOL Education?

A: Yes. The School of Education offers a 45-credit masters program with an emphasis in ESOL Education.

Q: Whom do I contact?

A: Gerald McCain, PhD, Professor and ESOL Program Coordinator, 541- 552-6934, mccaing@sou.edu.

Q: Does the ESOL endorsement qualify me for K-12 in ESOL?

A: No, the authorization levels for which you will qualify in ESOL depends on the level(s) you currently hold on your license, as you will need to complete your 90-hour ESOL Practicum at a level for which you have already qualified.

Q: Can I add a level to my endorsement?

A: Yes.  See the Adding a Level packet for more information.

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