The Fire Ecology kit introduces the concepts of plant and animal adaptations to fire, the role fire severity plays in plant diversity, how Native Americans have traditionally used fire, ways people can protect their homes from fire, as well as the ways people interact with and talk about fire.


  • Fire Stations: introduces to the concepts of fire ecology.
  • Plants and Fire: identifies strategies of survival in fire ecosystems through plant adaptations.
  • Animals and Fire: introduces when animals return to a burned environment.
  • Native Americans and Fire: students read two articles about how Native Americans use fire.
  • Fire Wars video: shows fire ecology concepts and discusses fire policy.
  • Fire Scars: students read a story about a fire-affected tree and examine tree cookies from a fire-scarred tree.
  • Fire Severity: students act-out different fire severities and analyze the fires' effects on the plant community.
  • Fire Messages: takes a critical look at pamphlets about fire.


  • Books on fire ecology
  • Articles and stories about fire written by local journalists and authorstree cookie with a fire scar photo
  • Open and closed knobcone cones
  • Ponderosa pine bark
  • Fire-scarred tree cookies
  • Directions and maps to local fire sites
  • List of field trip opportunities
  • Fire Wars DVD
  • Large maps and satellite images of local forest fires
  • Large photos of forest fires
  • Classroom posters
  • Plant and animal fire adaptation interpretive cards
  • Pamphlets and brochures on fire, fire management, and homeowner responsibilities
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