The Geology Kit explores our planet from the perspective of its geologic structure. Allowing students to learn experientially enables them to understand concepts such as the rock cycle and the characteristics of our regional geology. The student kits that are included afford students the opportunity to key out rock types that are common to the Rogue Valley.





1. Rocks of the Rogue Valley
2. Classroom Rock Collection
3. Rock Cycle Adventures
4. Name that Soil
5. Earthquake Safety
6. Grow a Crystal                                                                                                
7. How Old is Old?





  • Geology of Jackson County


  • Incredible Earth


  • Discovering Volcanoes


  • Discovering Crater Lake


  • Rocks and Soil, Thematic Unit


  • Geoblox: Geology Block Model


  • Geolog: The Active Earth


  • Peterson First Field Guides: Rocks and Minerals


  • Golden Guide: Geology




  • Teacher binder containing activities, background materials, worksheets, and additional resources


  • Student study kits includes: 8 different rock types and the key to identify them


  • Oregon Caves map


  • Crater Lake map


  • Lava Beds map
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