The Mammal Kit contains a pelt and skull collection of local mammals.  Tracking activities help sharpen student’s senses outside, making them more aware of subtle signs that reveal the variety of animals that we live with.





  • Keying Tracks– introduces methods to identify animal tracks


  • Casting Tracks– students will make their own permanent track replicas


  • Sand Tracks Detective Game- improves observational skills, perception, and problem-solving skills


  • A Skull to Match– teaches about mammal skulls and the different kinds of teeth


  • TrackTrail– data is collected on animal tracks for identification by students





  • America’s Neighborhood Bats


  • Animal Tracks of Washington and Oregon


  • National Audubon Society: First Field Guide


  • Peterson’s Field Guide:  Mammals


  • Nature Scope: Amazing Mammals Part I


  • Skulls and Bones


  • Discovering Marine Mammals


  • Scat, Tracks, and Other Animal Signs


  • Native American Animal Stories


  • Jackson County Habitat Guide








  • Teacher binder containing activities, background materials, worksheets, and additional resources


  • Eyewitness Mammals (VHS)


  • Bats: The True Story (VHS)


  • Animal Scat Molds


  • Track Cast Replicas


  • Mammal skulls such as: beaver, bobcat, raccoon, and coyote


  • Mammal pelts such as: cougar, red fox, black bear, and ermine


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