Please follow the steps below to enter final grades at the end of the term for each of your courses:

  1. Log in to InsideSOU at the following link: If you have forgotten your login information, utilize the Account Help box just below the Secure Access Login box.
  2. Once logged in, select the Faculty SISWeb tab from the top of the page.
  3. From the previous picture you can see that Faculty Grade Assignment is one of the channels you can utilize on this page – this channel will allow you to enter grades for each of your courses. Please note that your channels may be located in a different column than is displayed in this image depending upon how you have formatted your Faculty SISWeb tab. 
  4. Press the Go button and this will refresh the Faculty Grade Assignment channel to list courses you have taught.
  5. The images to the right of the courses mean the following:
    = completed – all grades have been entered for this course
    = not started – grades have not been entered for this course yet
    = no enrollment – currently, no students are enrolled for this course
    = missing grades – at least one student is missing a grade for this course.
  6. To begin entering grades for a specific course, click on one of the icons ( or ) which will take you to the screen below:

    Please note the important message about submitting grades due to the 65-minute time limit on this site. If there has been no activity on the page after 65 minutes, your session will time out, and you will lose any work in progress. This is why it is critical to click on the Submit button often, especially if you plan on taking longer than 65 minutes to enter all of your grades for a particular course.

    At this screen, you will enter the grade the student received in the grade column. Once all grades you wish to submit have been entered, make sure you click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
  7. These columns highlighted below should not be filled in for a student that is currently registered for the course. They may be filled in for a student that has withdrawn, but this information is not required.


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