Faculty and staff who maintain student records must follow established records retention guidelines. Below is a list of records typically maintained by faculty and staff at SOU. If you do not find what you need in this list, please contact the Raider Student Services at StudentServices@sou.edu.

Independent Study Records: 5 years. Documents departmental approval for student to enroll in independent study courses. Records may include: permission sheets with students' names; course names; number of credits; faculty signatures.

Internship Program Records: 5 years. Documents the administration of student internship, practicum and cooperative education programs (for class credit or pay). Records may include: applications for internships (on and off campus); agreements with departments; postings/notices; student resumes; transcripts; copies of contracts; proposed institution listings; notes; related documentation and correspondence.

Student Advising Records: 1 year after degree completed or last enrollment. Used to provide a record of an undergraduate and/or graduate student's academic progress within a specific department and/or college program. Records may include: applications for program admission; notices of admission; grade reports; in-house grade record cards; degree program requirements; departmental course waiver forms; program advisors' reports showing progress towards academic degrees; advising checklist forms; advisors' notes; copies of transcripts; program planning sheets; advanced standing exam reports; official graduation audits; curriculum posting sheets; recommendation letters; suspension notices; re-admission notices; comprehensive exam results; awards; related documentation and correspondence.

Student Development Transcript Records: Permanent for transcripts, 5 years after last activity for all other records. Documents students participation in university clubs, organizations, honor societies and special academic programs such as the Study Abroad Program, volunteer service in community organizations, and honors and awards received. Records include: transcripts listing activities; background material used to validate the activities; and related correspondence.

Student Organization Administrative Records: Permanent. Documents the history, development and policies of campus student organizations. Records may include: annual review forms; minutes; constitutions and bylaws; committee, subcommittee and task-force records; Student Senate bill and resolution files; budgets; handbooks; officer and member rosters; scrapbooks; photos; related documentation and correspondence.

Student Status Cards: 20 years. Documents status of students who are enrolled or have been enrolled and graduated from the academic program. Information on the individual cards may include: name; date entered; department; change of school; graduation dates; degrees; previous schools attended; notation of activities and honors; photos of students.

Theses and Dissertations Records: Permanent. Documents completion and academic acceptance of graduate theses and dissertations presented to colleges in fulfillment of requirements for graduate degrees. Includes final and accepted copies of theses and dissertations.

Undergraduate Degree Audit and Applications for Graduation Records: 5 years after last enrollment. Documents student completion of degree requirements. Records may include: work sheets; transcripts; transfer course evaluations.


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