Apostille is a process to authenticate documents for use outside of the United States. The Apostille process involves many steps and you should verify that Apostille is what you really need before you incur the time and expense.

The steps are as follows:

1. Student requests documents for Apostille from SOU (see specific instructions below)

2. SOU notarizes documents

3. SOU sends notarized documents to student or his/her representative

4. Student/representative sends documents to Oregon Secretary of State

5. Secretary of State applies Apostille and then forwards documents to address furnished by student

Here is a breakdown of SOU fees and time required to furnish notarized documents to student/representative:

• Transcripts: 5 working days / $10.00 each (rush service available for extra fee)

• Diploma: 3-5 weeks / $25 each copy (rush service available for extra fee)

• You may furnish your original diploma to SOU for notary and to initiate the Apostille process. The diploma will be stamped and marked during the process.

Instructions to Student

1. Request your documents from SOU.

a. Transcript – be sure to include Apostille in the special instructions box

b. Diploma – be sure check ‘Yes’ for Apostille

c. When ordering both transcript and diploma for Apostille, be sure to include that information in each of the respective special instructions so we notarize and mail them together.

2. Once you receive your documents from SOU, send them to Oregon Secretary of State

a. The notarial certificate and accompanying documents must stay together.

b. We recommend you contact the Secretary of State before sending your notarized documents. Fees and procedures are subject to change and it is the student's responsibility to verify fees and procedures.


SOU is only responsible for furnishing and notarizing your documents in the Apostille process. The remaining steps are up to the student, or his/her authorized representative.

The Apostille process involves many steps. Make sure you really need an "Apostille" before you incur the time and expense. If any links on this page do not work, please notify StudentServices@sou.edu