Frequently Asked Questions. This page is still Under Construction please check back soon.
  1. How often is DegreeWorks updated?
  2. How does DegreeWorks decide where to place courses that I’ve completed?
  3. What should I do if DegreeWorks placed a course in one section and I want to use it in another?
  4. Are in-progress courses applied to my audit?
  5. How does DegreeWorks determine which set of requirements to use?
  6. What does the @ symbol mean?
  7. How does DegreeWorks handle repeat courses?
  8. Is DegreeWorks the same as my transcript?
  9. Can I register for classes through DegreeWorks?
  10. I am thinking about changing my degree program. How can I see what the new requirements would look like?
  11. Can I change my major through DegreeWorks?
  12. What is a Catalog Option?
  13. Can I change my catalog option through DegreeWorks?
  14. Why is DegreeWorks not displaying my concentration?
  15. My DegreeWorks audit shows everything checked off, when will I receive my diploma?
  16. My Application for Degree has been approved but DegreeWorks shows that I have not completed all my requirements. Does this mean I won’t be able to graduate?
  17. Are there requirements for graduation that DegreeWorks does not check?
  18. What should I do if my DegreeWorks audit says I need a course that I know I completed or do not need to take?
  19. Why doesn’t DegreeWorks show the course substitution/waiver I petitioned for?
  20. Why doesn't DegreeWorks show the course substitution/waiver my advisor approved?
  21. Where are my substitutions/waivers when I run a 'What If' audit? Will my substitutions/waivers still apply after I change my major?