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Known Issues

All 2014-2015 catalog requirements will be available in the next few months. All undergraduate program requirements should be available at the start of fall 2015!

Graduate programs will follow in 2016.



6/4/14 Repeat Registration: When a student is registered for a repeat course, in the current term, any previously completed course(s) will be listed as "Insufficient". Even if the course is repeatable for credit (eg. PEA 180, 399's. etc.). When the repeat course is completed, DegreeWorks will readjust and reapply any applicable credit.

6/4/14 Where is My Major: Major, minors, etc. are currently under testing. Our team is working to roll out and test program requirements this academic year. All 2007-2014 academic programs will be posted by start of fall term 2015. Check with your academic program Chair for more information.

2/28/14 QR Nearly complete. If a student has a three credit (transfer) math course or has MTH 212 passed (but it's not used for the requirement) you may see the "Nearly complete - see advisor" symbol. This is a trap, to catch students that may have an ill placed course attribute. This should be fixed with the next migration on April 25th. For now, if the student clearly has the requirement met, please submit a degreeworks petition.

Resolved 4/25/14

2/11/13 U-Studies Science block is picking up transfer Lab (1.5cr) & split Lecture and marking both as distinct Labs (see:940423977). This is because both Lecture and Lab get the Explorations Science attribute attached to them. Resolved 2/24/141/29/14 ABA & ABS (Accelerated Baccalaureate) degrees are not showing Integration requirements.

Resolved 2/24/14

12/19/13 Integration's rule still not working 100% (fix in place for Feb Migration). When a requirement can be used in two different areas (eg. BA 475) DW is choosing Stand "I" incorrectly as the "Highest Priority".

Resolved 2/24/14

10/3/13 Integration's rule not working correctly (max classes 2 in BA, BI, ARTH, CCJ, COMM, ED, GEOG, HST). So it may reject a course with one of these Subject codes. The rule has been fixed and it will be resolved in the next migration.

Resolved 2/24/14

9/25/13 BS requirement transfer courses are not getting applied to the BS requirement. Resolved 9/25/13: A new course attribute has been created BSRQ and will be applied in the next migration for qualifying transfer courses. For now, please submit a "Petition" for the qualifying course and mention if the course should be applied to all other students who transfer in the course, or one time only for this specific student.

Resolved 2/24/14

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