To submit a SAP Appeal login to with your InsideSOU information then click the plus button in the top right to fill out a SAP Appeal. Please note: PTG's are the only appeal that are still completed on paper as of now.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Minimum GPA of a 2.0 must be maintained on a term and cumulative basis

Graduate students must maintain at least a 3.0 term and cumulative GPA.
Pace Students must maintain Pace by completing 67% of attempted credits each term. Pace is defined by the number of completed credits divided by the number of attempted credits.

Earned credit is considered an A, B, C, and D Grades. W, I, E, M, NC, and F grades do not earn credit.
Maximum Allowed Credits Programs must be completed within 150% of the expected credits.

150% of most SOU programs are 270 Credits. 



The first time a student fails to meet the above requirements an email will be sent regarding warning status. Warning status does not hold Financial Aid for the following term. 

If a student in warning meets the above GPA requirements and completes at least 67% of attempted credits, they will be placed back into good standing. 

Maximum Timeframe Status

Student will enter a Denied Status if they:
  • Exceed 150% maximum timeframe of allowed credits.
  • Did not maintain Pace of at least 67% for a second consecutive term.
  • Did not meet the GPA requirements a second consecutive term.

Students in a Denied status will not be eligible to receive Financial Aid. There are two ways eligibility may be reinstated:

1) a student can reestablish Satisfactory Academic Progress (See requirements in chart above) without receiving Financial Aid OR 

2) Appeal and be approved by the Committee.

Students in a Max Timeframe status will not be eligible for Financial Aid until an approved Progress Towards Graduation (PTG) is on file. 

Student will be notified of a denied status by email and on InsideSOU. 


Students with an approved Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal or PTG will receive an email notifying them of their new Probation status.

Students in a Probation Status must complete 100% of attempted courses with at least a 2.0 GPA (3.0 GPA for Graduates).