Mandatory enrollment fees include Building, Incidental, and Health Service fees. A few students are exempt from the assessment of mandatory fees when all of their registered courses are assessed at rates that are different from the published SOU schedule of tuition and fees. These different rates are referred to as Continuing Education (previously referred to as self-support). The published SOU tuition and fee schedules are available.

Courses that fall within the Continuing Education category are typically online courses, but may include other courses as well. These courses are usually identified on the online Class Schedule with an amount in the Fees column for a course as well as a footnote that indicates the fee for the class is charged instead of regular tuition, not in addition. Continuing Education rates are set at levels necessary to cover the costs of providing the course.

If all of your registered courses are Continuing Education you will not be assessed Building, Incidental, or Health Service fees. If one or more of your registered courses are assessed at regular SOU published rates, you will be assessed mandatory enrollment fees found in the published SOU tuition and fees schedules based on your total credits.

Building fees finance debt service for construction associated with student centers, health centers, and recreational facilities constructed through the issuance of bonds.

Incidental fees fund student union operations, educational, cultural, student government, and athletic activities.

Green Tag fees offset 100% of SOU’s energy consumption including electricity and natural gas used to power all university facilities.

Health Service fees support student health services including counseling services, office visits, health and wellness programming, and reduced pricing for services and products such as prescriptions, lab work, and special procedures

Student Rec Center fees support the construction, debt service, maintenance, and operation costs of the Student Recreation Center.