Southern Oregon University offers institutional short-term emergency loans for students who need temporary financial assistance. Generally, these loans are limited to $500. There is a $15.00 administrative charge for each short-term loan.

Loan Amount - Up to $500

General Conditions:

  1. Must be a registered student carrying at least the minimum hours required to qualify for part-time status.
  2. Minimum due on student account must be met and balance on account must be less than $800.
  3. No non-sufficient fund checks written to SOU in the last twelve months.
  4. No outstanding short-term loans from prior terms.
  5. If documentation is not attached, the short-term loan application will not be accepted. Examples include car repairs, submit a copy of a written estimate from an auto repair shop; dental or medical event, include a written estimate from your health care provider, a billing statement or an emergency room report.
  6. Only one short term loan will be issued per term and no more than two will be issued per academic year.
  7. No short-term loans are issued during summer term***.
  8. If the above conditions are met, an application must be filed specifying the nature of the emergency. The application decision is forwarded to the student via the SOU student email account.

Loan Due Date: Must be paid in full the Monday following finals week.

Date Available: Short-term loans are available from the first day of the term through the sixth week of the term.

Disbursement: The $15.00 administration fee is collected at the time of disbursement by reducing the amount of the loan proceeds.

Grace Period: The first day of the next term. Interest may accrue on the account depending on the billing cycle.

Repayment: Financial Aid received is applied to all educational expenses regardless of due date.

***Exchange students attending fall term classes overseas that begin mid-summer are exempt.