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2020-21 Tuition and Fees Calculator


(1) Online courses are assessed tuition as well as a $65/credit online delivery fee but are exempted from other standard mandatory fees (such as incidental fee, building fee, etc.)  Students will pay mandatory fees based on the number of on-campus, remote (distance delivery) and hybrid credit hours.

(2) A one-time Matriculation Fee of $300 is assessed to all new and transfer students for admissions, advising, orientation, academic support services, and housing application.

(3) The Health Service basic fee is $143/student (at 4+hours) during the academic year and $102/student (at 4+ hours) during the summer.

(4) Students taking Honors College (HON) courses will be assessed an additional $25 per credit hour.

(5) Students taking on-campus undergraduate Art (ART), Art History (ARTH). Creative Writing (CW), Emerging Media and Digital Arts (EMDA), Military Science (MS), Music (MUS), or Theatre (TA) courses will be assessed an additional $10 per credit hour.

(6) Additional information about Student Recreation Center fee.

(7) Tuition & Fee Schedules, Calculators, and Budgets 2020-21