We know you are interested in knowing how much your college education is going to cost. This estimator is provided to help you plan ahead. Simply answer the four student-type specifications requested below, and the calculator does the rest! Be sure to read the Important Notes below, too.

All tuition and fee calculations are subject to change.

Special Note on Spring 2020 Student Fees:

Please note that some Spring 2020 mandatory fees have been reduced.  This change is not reflected in the Calculator below. Please refer to this campus announcement for more information.

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Important Notes:

Tuition for undergraduate residents and WUE students reflected on the calculator is based on Fall 2019 through Summer 2020 rates.

The tuition and fees estimated here are average figures based on state residency or non-residency, Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) participation, and enrollment level. These estimates do not include any other financial aid awards other than the WUE program. These estimates also do not include an individual student's expenses such as textbooks and supplies. For further detail, please visit the Financial Aid section of the Raider Student Services website for estimates of these costs.

This estimated total does not take into account course fees, tuition for self-support courses, or differential and discounted tuition. Differential tuition is assessed at an additional $25 per credit hour for Honors College courses (HON) and an additional $10 per credit hour for Art (ART), Art History (ARTH), Creative Writing (CW), EMDA (EMDA), Music (MUS), and Theatre (TA) courses. Additional fees are listed on individual classes in the online class schedule in the "Fees" column.

When you use the class schedule to select your courses, click the Advanced Search button and select Self Support from the Session Code drop down option. If any of your courses are self support, make sure to add the self support fee listed to your total cost but don't count those credits as part of your tuition and fees above.

To estimate housing costs please visit the Residential Life website.

The Tuition Calculator does not provide an official assessment of your total term's tuition and fees. If you are a current SOU student, access InsideSOU two to three weeks prior to the beginning of the term for a precise tuition and fee assessment based upon your specific academic program, student level, course level, and actual course and credit enrollment.