Professor of Environmental Science & Policy

Office: TA 113
Phone: (541) 552-6482
Email: gutrichj@sou.edu


Ph.D. 2000 - Environmental Science, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 

1994 - 1995 - Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology M.S. Program, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 

B.S. 1994 - Ecology, Evolution and Population Biology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

B.S. 1994 - Accounting, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Courses taught at SOU:

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies: Social Science (ES 103)
  • Environmental Studies I: Human Impacts and the Environment (ES 210)
  • Environmental Policy and Impact Analysis (ES 351)
  • Biodiversity (ES 379)
  • Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services (ES 442)
  • Environmental Modeling (ES 475)
  • Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development (ES 421/521)

Research Interests

My research interests include ecological and environmental economics, sustainable development, global climate change, watershed management, invasive species control, wetland ecology and management, and ecosystem modeling.  My research efforts have addressed optimal forest management and the value of carbon sequestration in New Hampshire forests, the sustainable use of upland forested watersheds in Hawaii, invasive species control, valuation of non-market ecosystem goods and services, restoration wetland ecology, ecological and economic risks of marine transgenic organisms and cost-effective economic approaches considering federal anti-degradation requirements for rivers. 

Selected Publications

Kramar, D.E., Anderson, A., Hilfer, H., Branden, K. and J. J. Gutrich. 2018. A Spatially Informed Analysis of Environmental Justice: Analyzing the Effects of Gerrymandering and the Proximity of Minority Populations to U.S. Superfund Sites. Environmental Justice Vol. 11(1):29 - 39. (pdf article)

Gutrich, J. J., Gigliello, K., Vest-Gardner, K. and A. J. Elmore. 2016.  Economic returns of groundwater management sustaining an ecosystem service of dust suppression by alkali meadow in Owens Valley, California. Ecological Economics 121 (2016): 1-11. (pdf article)

Suding, K., Higgs, E., Palmer, M., Callicott , J.B., Anderson, C.B., Baker, M., Gutrich, J.J., Hondula, K.L., LaFevor, M.C., Larson, B., Randall, A., Ruhl, J.B., and Schwartz, K. 2015. Committing to ecological restoration: efforts around the globe need legal and policy clarification.  Science Vol. 348(6235): 638-640. (pdf article

Whiteman, H. H., Wissinger, S. A., Gerlanc, N. G., DenoĆ«l and J. J. Gutrich.  2012.  Larval growth and fitness trade-offs in polyphenic salamanders: making the best of a bad lot.  Oecologia (168):109-118. (pdf article)

Gutrich, J. J. 2011. Climate Change Policy with a Renewed Environmental Ethic: An Ecological Economics Approach. In: Climate Change and Environmental Ethics. Ved P. Nanda (editor). Transaction Publishers: New Brunswick, New Jersey. pp. 103-122.  (pdf chapter)

Gutrich, J. J., Taylor, K. J., and S. Fennessy.  2009.  Restoration of vegetation communities of created depressional marshes in Ohio and Colorado (USA): the importance of initial effort for mitigation success.  Ecological Engineering 35:351-368.  (pdf article)

Gutrich, J. J. and R.B. Howarth.  2007.  Carbon Sequestration and the Optimal Management of New Hampshire Timber Stands.  Ecological Economics 62:441-450. (pdf article)

Gutrich, J. J., VanGelder, E. and L. Loope.  2007.  Potential Economic Impact of Introduction and Spread of the Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta, in Hawaii.  Environmental Science and Policy 10(7-8):685-696. (pdf article

Gutrich, J.J., Donovan, D., Finucane, M., Focht, W., Hitzhusen, F., Manopimoke, S., McCauley, D., Norton, B., Sabatier, P., Salzman,J., Sasmitawidjaja, V.  2005.  The Public Process of Ecosystem Management: Lessons from Hawaii, Southeast Asia, Africa and the U.S. Mainland.  Journal of Environmental Management 76:197-209.  (pdf article)

Gutrich, J. J. and F. H. Hitzhusen.  2004. Assessing the Substitutability of Mitigation Wetlands for Natural Sites: Estimating Restoration Lag Costs of Wetland Mitigation. Ecological Economics 48:409-424.  (pdf article)