Dr. Hunsaker in the field!



Office: Science 176
Phone: (541) 552-8183
Email: hunsakerd@sou.edu

Professional CV


  • Certificate in Community College Faculty Preparation, California State University, Fresno.
  • Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.
  • Master of Science, Analytical Chemistry, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Courses Taught at SOU

  • Introduction to Environmental Science: Earth Science (ES101) Lecture & Laboratory
  • Physical Environment I (ES111) Laboratory
  • Physical Environment II (ES 112) Labortatory
  • Energy and Climate Change (ES 327) Lecture and Laboratory
  • Climatology (ES482) Lecture and Laboratory
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (ES200)
  • Environmental Chemistry (CH101) Laboratory


Research Interests

Dr. Hunsaker’s research interests include assessing the impacts of human actions on the environment, applied air quality studies, and energy and environmental policy work. Dr. Hunsaker has over 30 years of experience working as an environmental scientist, engineer and planner for federal agencies, state and local agencies, and the private sector. Dr. Hunsaker has led or participated in the development of over thirty major interdisciplinary environmental impact assessment studies under the National Environmental Policy Act and the California Environmental Quality Act, and has led the development of seven major air quality plans for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, which oversees one of the most challenging air quality improvement efforts in the country. He is past President of the National Association of Environmental Professionals and is currently a member of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors. He is interested in online teaching and learning, and has developed and taught numerous online courses for colleges and universities.


Selected Publications

Harmsen, F.J., P. Van de Water, D.B. Hunsaker, and V. Luo, “Future Climate Change Impacts on Fresno County, California, Mitigation Strategies and Public Policy, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR (Nov 2009).

“2004 Extreme Ozone Attainment Demonstration Plan,” San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District, Fresno, California, October 2004 (with others).

Final Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report, Oakdale Expressway Project, State Route 120, California Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration, Sacramento, California, June 2001 (with others).

Cornell University, “Designation of the Fairfield Eco-Industrial Park, Baltimore, Maryland, As A Regulatory Reinvention Pilot Project,” Submitted to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, XL Community Pilot Program, Work and Environment Initiative, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, March 1996.

Bernard, D. P., D. B. Hunsaker, Jr., and D. R. Marmorek, "Tools for Improving Predictive Capabilities of Environmental Impact Assessments: Structured Hypotheses, Audits and Monitoring," pp. 547–564 in Environmental Analysis: The NEPA Experience, S.G. Hildebrand and J.B. Cannon, eds., Lewis Publishing Co., Boca Raton, Florida (1993).

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