Professor of Plant Ecology

Office: SC 366
Phone: (541) 552-6868
E-mail: welden@sou.edu


B. S. 1977 General Studies Tulane University, cum laude, with Honors in Biology

M. S. 1981 Plant Ecology Colorado State University

Ph.D. 1984 Plant Ecology Colorado State University


  • Introduction to Environmental Studies: Biological Science (ES 102)
  • Principles of Biology, Evolution and Diversity (BI 212)
  • Introductory Ecology (BI / ES 340)
  • Plant Ecology (BI 454/554)
  • Fire Ecology (ES 480)

Research Interests

California Red Fir (Abies magnifica) grows throughout the Sierra Nevada. A closely related red fir, Noble Fir (Abies procera), grows in the Cascades and Coast ranges of Washington and Oregon. In the Klamath Mountains and Cascades of southern Oregon and northern California grow trees of intermediate morphology. Many botanists have suggested that these intermediates are hybrids.  I am using DNA sequencing to investigate the phylogeny of the red fir complex up and down the West Coast. I hope to use genetic markers from the nuclear, chloroplast, and mitochondrial genomes. These separate genomes are inherited biparentally, paternally, and maternally, respectively, and so potentially allow us to determine which species contributed as pollen donor, egg donor, or both.

Selected Publications:

Welden, C. W. and R. A. Hossler. 2003. Evolution in the lab: Biocide resistance in E. coli. The American Biology Teacher 65:56-61.

Donovan, T. M. and Welden, C. W. 2001. Spreadsheet Exercises in Ecology and Evolution. 556 pp. Sinauer Assoc.

Welden, C. W. 1999. Using spreadsheets to teach ecological modeling. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 80:65-67.

Welden, C. W.,. S. W. Hewett, S. P. Hubbell, and R. B. Foster. 1991. Sapling survival, growth, and recruitment in relationship to canopy height in a neotropical forest. Ecology 72:35-50.

Welden, C. W., W. L. Slauson, and R. T. Ward. 1990. Spatial pattern and interference in pinon-juniper woodlands of northwest Colorado. Great Basin Naturalist 50:313-319.

Welden, C. W., W. L. Slauson, and R. T. Ward. 1988.. Competition and abiotic stress among trees and shrubs in northwest Colorado. Ecology 69:1566-1577.