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The SOU Raider Mentor Program is committed to strengthening the experiences of first year, transfer, and current students through fostering of a meaningful connection with an academically successful and committed mentor. The mentor relationships  increase participation in student life, exposure to student leadership, and academic success. The mentoring program pairs students with returning students to assist, connect, and increase retention rates for students. The SOU Raider Mentor Program will provide a greater sense of individual agency, as well as affiliation with the diverse and inclusive community at SOU. 

Being a mentee in the SOU Raider Mentor Program encompasses having a student mentor who is in their second year of college here at SOU or further along. This student will be someone that is tasked with helping you adjust to SOU's campus environment. They are also able to show you how to access on-campus resources available to students. We encourage you to join to an enrich your student experience. 

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Program Outcomes:

  1. Student Retention -  Students participating in the Mentor Program will retain to their next year at a greater rate than their peers.
  2. Support - By the end of the academic year, mentees will report that they Agree or Strongly Agree that their mentor provides support and makes them feel as though they belong at SOU.
  3. Co-curricular activities - By the end of the academic year, mentees will report participating in co-curricular activities on a regular basis

Quote from a Mentee:

"The SOU Mentor Program, specifically my mentor, has given me the confidence in myself when walking the SOU grounds that I can achieve greater things and my goals with the resources and people surrounding me."

-Mayra Aguilar

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SOU Raider Mentor Program
(541) 552-7277