Energy conservation tips for students on campus



  • Turn off your monitor when unused for 30 minutes.
  • Newer electronic devices draw power even while turned-off. This "stand-by" or phantom power mode typically draws as much power as when the device is powered-on. A good way to counteract this unneeded power consumption is to put your electronic devices on a power strip and use the power strip as a central "turn-off" point.
  • Screensavers do not save electricity! They can keep your computer’s CPU “awake”, preventing the power management tool from putting your computer into its energy saving mode.
  • Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing a new computer or any other electronic device.
    Consider buying a flat screen monitor or a laptop model. See for more information.
  • Remember to shut off externally powered computer accessories: speakers, external drives, etc.


  • If you have an incandescent task light, replace the light bulb with a compact fluorescent light source.
    The City of Ashland has partnered with local retailers to offer low-cost energy efficient light bulbs for as little as 99 cents! Follow this link to find out more: City of Ashland "SWAT" Promotion
  • The last one out of a room should turn off the lights.

At your Residence Hall

  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
  • Wait until you have a full load to wash clothes. Partial loads waste water and energy.
  • If possible, take the stairs, not the elevator.
  • Report leaking faucets or toilets to your RA or the Housing Office.
  • If your room is too hot or too cold report it to your RA or the Housing Office. Opening windows when the heating system is on will cause it to supply MORE HEAT to the building, making it hotter.
  • When the sun is up, open the curtains and turn off the lights. Natural light is way better than artificial! Cold outside? Shut those curtains to keep in the heat!

Consider This!

  • Energy conservation efforts at other universities have reduced energy consumption by 40%, leading to millions of dollars saved annually.
  • Each student can make important contributions to energy conservation. If each person at SOU
    (≈6,000 people) saved a penny’s worth of electricity daily, it would result in savings to SOU of nearly $22,000 a year and prevent the release of hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.
    Each of the following simple activities will save at least one penny:
    • Turn off your computer and monitor for one (1) hour.
    • Turn off a standard desk lamp for three (3) hours.
    • Three and a half (3.5) hours of operating one compact fluorescent light bulb instead of a incandescent bulb.
    • Reset the temperature setting on your refrigerator one position higher, this will save several penny's a day.
  • Approximately 10-15% of SOU’s power usage is under discretionary control of the building occupants.
    That means you! If we faithfully use these energy conservation measures, combined with personal efforts and ideas, we can easily save 10% percent of SOU's electrical, and natural gas energy.