Support Services performs on-campus moves of equipment and furniture. Please request moves well in advance by using the WORK REQUEST FORM. To expedite moves and ensure safety of equipment and personnel, the following preparations are requested:

  1. Tag or mark every item to be moved, including boxes, desks and drawers, cabinets, bookcases, waste cans, chairs, etc., with the destination room number or last name of the owner. "Post-It" type notes are not acceptable for this purpose.
  2. Pack bookcases, supply cabinets and shelf items using boxes with lids or fold-over flaps so the boxes can be stacked. Boxes with open tops should be avoided.
  3. Remove all personal items. Please arrange to move these items yourself as FMP cannot be responsible for these items.
  4. Clear off top surfaces of desks, tables, filing cabinets, etc. Removable desk drawers and filing cabinet drawers do not need to be emptied, however, personal items should be removed.
  5. Computers and other electronic equipment should be turned off and unplugged. Call Computing Services to disconnect and reconnect your computer. Support Services will only transport computers; we do not reconnect computers.
  6. Items such as shelving, counters, cabinets, etc., that are permanently affixed to the building (which are to be relocated) may need to be scheduled prior to or after the move and will result in additional charges to your department.
  7. Please be ready when the FMP crew is scheduled to arrive!

YOUR department or office personnel are expected to perform the packing and removal of tems from walls, doors, cabinets, etc.

ALL moves are considered billable and will be charged back to the department unless:

  • The move(s) is directly related to and/or part of an academic class.
  • The move(s) is required as a part of a larger project, such as a building renovation.
  • Delivery of surplus furniture from the warehouse.

Contact Pam Curl (541-552-6201) for questions about whether your move is billable.


Support Services is available to provide logistical support for events such as concerts, lectures, receptions, commencement, dedications, ground-breaking ceremonies, etc., as requested by faculty, staff, and student organizations. Please submit a WORK REQUEST FORM well in advance of the event to FMP. Services may include: transport and setup/breakdown of chairs, tables, easels, stage risers, and other furniture and equipment; and clean-up by Custodial Services. Departments will be charged for event support services.


Deliveries include: inbound UPS, air express, freight, Boise Cascade Office Products, and other courier shipments; department-to-department parcel/item delivery; bulk paper; and other items as required. Routine deliveries are made daily.  Paper orders from Duplicating Services are delivered on Thursdays. Please call ahead to make arrangements if you have specific delivery or pick up needs.


Freight shipping of very large, heavy, or pallet-loaded items is handled by Support Services. Prior notice to Support Services is required to schedule equipment and personnel. All other items should be shipped through Campus Mail Services (552-6201).



Support Services maintains a small assortment of surplus office furniture that is available for use by the campus. In addition, Support Services handles some surplus property transactions. See the SOU Surplus Property Procedures for further details.



Leon Crouch, Support Services Supervisor
(541) 552-6885