Employee Leave Request

To request leave:

1. Click on the "Employee Leave Request" link above. 

2. Fill out the form. Include date(s), hours, and type of leave. (Tip: use the tab key to maneuver through the form. Pressing enter will send the form.)

3. Click the circle next to your supervisor's name. 

4. Press enter or click "Submit" when finished.

5. A confirmation email with your leave information will be sent to you and your supervisor. (It is advised that you save your leave request email confirmations in a folder in your email account).

6. Your leave will be approved when you receive a reply and/or appointment from your supervisor.

Spam Instructions

If you are not receiving an email regarding your leave request, it means it is going to your spam email. Please following these instructions to get these emails:

1. Click on the following link: http://www.sou.edu/anywhere.html

2. Click on "gmail spam filter" (the second link)

3. Log on using your regular MySOU login

4. A list of messages will appear. These are the emails that are being stopped by the spam filter and are not being delivered to your inbox.

5. Click on the box next to the emails you want delivered. (The leave requests are from no-reply@wufoo.com)

6. Click "Deliver Selected" in the upper right hand side of your screen.

7. You will then be directed to another page. Click the box next to the emails under the title "approve sender."

8. Click "Approve Selected Senders." Your leave request will be sent within a couple of minutes.

Classified Employee Timesheet

This is an Excel version of the Classified Timesheet.


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FMP Employee Data Form

FMLA/OFLA Attendance Record

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