Energy Fact #1SOU uses an average of 14 million kWh of electricity annually-the equivalent of 1,575 American homes. Energy Fact #2The United States consumes 25% of the world's energy,while making up only 5% of the world's population. Energy Fact #3The amount of natural gas used at SOU could provide enough fuel to power 105 cars for a year. (Average 15,000 miles per year per vehicle)Energy Fact #4
The Top Five consumer's of electricity at SOU by building are:
Computing Services Center  Taylor Hall Cascade Kitchen Hannon Library Stevenson Union Energy Fact #5Each 1 degree you turn down the thermostat in the winter will save up to 5% on your heating costs.Energy Fact #6
Recycled aluminum saves 95% energy vs. virgin aluminum.
Recycling ONE aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours.
Energy Fact #7Just by using the "off the shelf" energy-efficient technologies available today, we could cut the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting our homes and workplaces by up to 80%.Energy Fact #8National energy costs have nearly doubled in the past 5 years, contributing to an average increase of 40% to states' tuition rates.Energy Fact #9 The electric bills for SOU average $72,719 per month.Energy Fact #10Replacing one incandescent light bulb with an energy-saving compact fluorescent bulb means 1,000 pounds less carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere and $67 dollars is saved on energy costs over the bulb's lifetime.