Work Requests

Building Managers or their designees can submit a WORK REQUEST.  The requests are assigned a work order number, prioritized, and scheduled as time, resources, and efficiency allow.

Please note that this link will direct you to the new version of our Work Request form. If you have not been to a training yet please schedule a time with Jennifer Corcoran 541-552-6884.

You can also call our front office at (541)552-6231 and we will help you in any way we can.

If you need authorization ask your Building Manager to send a request for access to

It must include your name, SOU phone number, email address and office location.


Facilities Management receives an annual appropriation for the basic maintenance and operations of the academic and administrative facilities.  Other services, including any service for the auxilliary operations, are provided on a reimbursable basis.  The following services are supported by the FMP operating budget:


  • Care of walks, lawns, and general landscaping
  • Routine custodial services to classroom and office areas
  • Scheduled maintenance service such as repainting of walls
  • Preventive maintenance to SOU equipment and systems
  • Repairs to walls, roofs, ceilings, elevators, building systems, street lights and signs
  • Utility system operation and repairs including heating, cooling, water, gas and electricity
    (Refer telephone problems to Telecommunications 552-6300.)


The primary mission of Facilities Management & Planning (FMP) is to provide general maintenance for SOU-owned grounds and administrative and academic buildings. We depend on you, our customers, to report problems to your Building Manager.



Building Maintenance


provides general maintenance and repairs to the buildings at SOU.

Campus Mail Services

             Campus Mail Services

Campus Mail Services is an administrative unit of Facilities Management and Planning, organized to provide postal, small-parcel, and air express shipping and distribution services, as well as operate the intracampus mail deliveries.

These services are provided to the faculty and staff of the university and other affiliated organizations residing on campus for university-related business.

Phone: (541) 552-6201

Fax:    (541) 552-6325

E-mail: Iian Graalum, Mail Services

Business Reply Mail and other Prepaid Mail Options

Deadlines for Items to Go Out Today

Education Service District Courier

Campus Mail Services Work Order (see guidelines below)

Guidelines for using Campus Mail Services Work Orders

  1. If you do not provide a CMS Work Order with your mail piece(s), we will assume you are asking for First Class postage and that you want it to be charged against your main Index Code.
  2. Use a CMS Work Order to request special services or a carrier other than the post office.
  3. Use a CMS Work Order if your department has an array of Index Codes or if you want to use an Index Code that is not usually charged.
  4. You may fill in your Index Code before printing out the Campus Mail Services Work Order. Please notice you will get three work orders per page, so there are three places to fill in the Index Code.
  5. You may choose any color paper for your work orders.

Note: For student mail services, issues, and questions, contact Cascade Mailroom at (541) 522-7116, or contact Housing Services at (541) 552-6371.

Deliveries include: inbound UPS, air express, freight, Boise Cascade Office Products, and other courier shipments; department-to-department parcel/item delivery; bulk paper; and other items as required. Routine deliveries are made on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Air express and "urgent" items are delivered daily. Paper orders from Duplicating Services are delivered on Thursdays. Please call ahead to make arrangements if you have specific delivery needs.

Freight shipping of very large, heavy, or pallet-loaded items is handled by Support Services. Prior notice to Support Services is required to schedule equipment and personnel. All other items should be shipped through Campus Mail Services (552-6201).

Custodial Services


The Custodial Division is responsible for all general custodial services provided to academic and office areas, and to auxiliaries or for special projects on a reimbursable basis (Work Order is required). Occasionally, the custodian normally assigned to a building may be temporarily assigned to a special project by the Custodial Supervisor. To avoid schedule conflicts, please request all additional or special custodial services through FMP.

Custodians are responsible for replacement of burned out fluorescent tubes in overhead lighting. The sight or smell of smoke, or a buzzing noise may indicate a burned out ballast. Do not touch a burning or buzzing ballast; please submit a WORK REQUEST . Bulbs/tubes in desk or floor lamps are the responsibility of individual departments.

Most custodians begin work at midnight to clean building spaces, such as offices, restrooms, classrooms, and hallways that are occupied during the day. While most custodians leave at 8:30 A.M., one custodian is on hand during the day to respond to clean-up issues as they arise.

Custodians can respond to insect problems inside a building. The Landscape Maintenance Division deals with infestations located or originating outdoors. In either case, please submit a WORK REQUEST 

Extended maintenance projects such as stripping and waxing of floors and carpet cleaning are usually performed during breaks between terms.

Recycling is coordinated by the Sustainability & Recycling office. Bins or bags have been provided to selected offices in academic and administrative buildings. (See separate page on Recycling) Recycling in the Residence Halls is coordinated by the Housing Office (541-552-6371), and in Stevenson Union by the Activities Office (541-552-6462).

Custodians remove snow and ice from ENTRANCES and STEPS of buildings. The Landscape Maintenance Division removes snow and ice from campus paths and walkways.

Custodial Services removes trash from wastebaskets and trash cans and bags it for pickup by Support Services. Personally bagged trash should not exceed 25 lbs. per container. Custodians are instructed to remove only what is inside wastebaskets or clearly labeled as trash. To avoid misinterpretation, please keep all non-trash items out of and away from trash receptacles.

Custodians unlock building exterior doors each workday morning. If you need access to areas such as offices or classrooms, please contact Campus Public Safety (541-552-6258). Lost or stolen keys should be reported to the FMP Lock Shop and the Building Manager immediately.

Steve Bronson,Custodial Services Supervisor (541) 552-6270

Environmental Health & Safety

             Environmental Health & Safety 


The Department of Environmental Health and Safety supports Southern Oregon University’s mission by providing leadership, resources, and services to ensure a safe and healthful campus environment. The Department develops, establishes and administers policies and procedures for environmental compliance, health and safety to ensure the University’s compliance with relevant federal, state and local laws, regulatory guidelines, and industry standard

Landscape Services


Landscape Services provides regular maintenance including mowing, pruning, weeding, watering, fertilizing lawns, trees, and flower beds, outdoor leaf and trash pickup, and all other functions related to exterior campus beautification. The Landscape Services Department also provides support of outdoor projects for the Building Maintenance Division and capital repair or construction projects, such as heavy equipment operation and trenching.

Lock Shop

             Lock Shop

To establish policies and implement procedures pertaining to lock and key or other access control for SOU facilities, to assign responsibility for authorizing the issuance of keys, and to implement procedures for the control of keys which have been issued. The institution seeks to achieve maximum security for persons relying on building locking systems for their own safety and for State and other property for which SOU is responsible. Each person to whom a key is issued must accept the key as his/her personal responsibility.

The Lock Shop is funded for repair and maintenance of all lock and door hardware on campus, and is the sole source for duplicating, manufacturing, or cutting of any keys to SOU facilities or equipment. No activity by external locksmiths is permitted on campus.

Individuals are responsible for picking up, signing for, controlling, and returning all keys assigned in their name. Keys intended for use by students must be signed out to, monitored by, and returned by a faculty or staff member. 


Possession of a SOU key or fob obliges the holder to abide by the terms published in the Southern Oregon University Key Policy

Motor Pool/Equipment Pool

Motor Pool maintains our current fleet of 5 ten-passenger vans so that your class, club or event trip is safe.


             Energy Awareness and Conservation

The SOU Energy Awareness and Conservation page is here to promote efficient use of energy and natural resources by campus members, on and off campus. We have been working hard the past few years to improve the energy performance of the buildings on the SOU campus but everyone's effort is required to achieve our goals. Efficient use can only come from the people who occupy the buildings. Please look around and learn something about conservation at SOU and what part you can play to reduce your individual impact on the environment. Please share what you have learned here with fellow Southerners' to encourage energy awareness and conservation.



For almost three decades, FMP has strived to increase energy efficiency on campus. Thermostats are set according to state energy conservation heating and cooling guidelines and are to be adjusted ONLY by FMP personnel. Twice a year, in the Spring and again in the Fall, the potential for wide outside temperature fluctuations makes it difficult to control inside building temperatures, causing some individuals to be uncomfortable at certain times. We make every effort to minimize this discomfort while operating the plant in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

The Utility Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the heating and cooling systems on campus. The bulk of the heating and cooling is provided by the central and north utility plants, which house five boilers and two chillers. Steam and chilled water are distributed from the central plant throughout the campus, converted to hot water, hot air, or cooled air in the building mechanical rooms, and then distributed through the building. Some buildings (which are not on the central systems) are supported by air conditioners, heat pumps, or gas furnaces.


Report heating, ventilating or air conditioning problems to FMP on a WORK REQUEST.


In case of an emergency, call FMP directly at (541) 552-6231.  Emergencies might include fire, burning smell, smoke, or sudden system or power failure.


Please notify FMP in writing of heating/cooling requirements for meetings, conferences, performances, or other events outside of regularly scheduled class times. Advance notification of 48 hours is required on a WORK REQUEST so that the system can be re-programmed. We regret that we may not be able to heat or cool a particular area when it would require heating/cooling an entire building or several other unoccupied buildings.

Keith Beed, Utility Plant Supervisor
(541) 552-6231

Moves & Event Support


Building Maintenance performs on-campus moves of equipment and furniture. Please request moves well in advance by using the WORK REQUEST To expedite moves and ensure safety of equipment and personnel, the following preparations are requested:

  1. Tag or mark every item to be moved, including boxes, desks and drawers, cabinets, bookcases, waste cans, chairs, etc., with the destination room number or last name of the owner. "Post-It" type notes are not acceptable for this purpose.
  2. Pack bookcases, supply cabinets and shelf items using boxes with lids or fold-over flaps so the boxes can be stacked. Boxes with open tops should be avoided.
  3. Remove all personal items. Please arrange to move these items yourself as FMP cannot be responsible for these items.
  4. Clear off top surfaces of desks, tables, filing cabinets, etc. Removable desk drawers and filing cabinet drawers do not need to be emptied, however, personal items should be removed.
  5. Computers and other electronic equipment should be turned off and unplugged. Call Computing Services to disconnect and reconnect your computer. Support Services will only transport computers; we do not reconnect computers.
  6. Items such as shelving, counters, cabinets, etc., that are permanently affixed to the building (which are to be relocated) may need to be scheduled prior to or after the move and will result in additional charges to your department.
  7. Please be ready when the FMP crew is scheduled to arrive!

YOUR department or office personnel are expected to perform the packing and removal of items from walls, doors, cabinets, etc.

ALL moves are considered billable and will be charged back to the department unless:

  • The move(s) is directly related to and/or part of an academic class.
  • The move(s) is required as a part of a larger project, such as a building renovation.
  • Delivery of surplus furniture from the warehouse.

Contact Jennifer Corcoran (541-552-6884) for questions about whether your move is billable.

Building Maintenance and Custodial Services are available to provide support for events such as concerts, lectures, receptions, commencement, dedications, ground-breaking ceremonies, etc., as requested by faculty, staff, and student organizations. Please submit a WORK REQUESTwell in advance of the event. Services may include: transport and setup/breakdown of chairs, tables, easels, stage risers, other furniture and equipment and clean-up by Custodial Services. Departments will be charged for event support services.


Surplus Property



FMP maintains a small assortment of surplus office furniture that is available for use by the campus. In addition, FMP handles some surplus property transactions. See the SOU Surplus Property Procedures for further details.




Facilities Management & Planning
351 Walker Avenue
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541-552-6231
Fax: 541-552-6235