We provide a range of services, including the following:

  • Assisting with proposal planning and development
  • Preparing budgets
  • Identifying and marshalling internal resources to support grant applications
  • Assisting with pre-award negotiations for initiatives involving other institutions
  • Reviewing and editing narratives
  • Securing internal approvals
  • Submitting applications
  • Providing post-award guidance and management (in conjunction with Business Services)
  • Developing university-wide policies to assure compliance with agency regulations and policies
  • Communicating with sponsors
  • Providing training in grantwriting and award management
  • Maintaining databases of grants opportunities (Grant Forward, The Foundation Center)

The success of a grants office depends critically on its ability to collaborate with grantseekers. The goal is to become involved at an early enough stage to make the process of applying for an award as worry-free as possible and to make a true impact on the quality of each application. If you are looking for funding for a program or activity please first contact both the director of the Grants and Contracts Department, Joanne Preston at prestonj1@sou.edu, and the Executive Director of the SOU Foundation, Janet Fratella, at fratellaj@sou.edu.

When searching for possible funders, keep in mind the following search criteria or questions:

Does the funder award grants:

  • in your subject area?
  • in your geographical area?
  • in the amount of money you are requesting?
  • for the type of support you seek (e.g., building support, general operating support, research support, seed money, etc.)?
  • to educational institutions?

Tax-exempt Status
One important consideration is whether or not the granting agency will fund public institutions. Many private foundations restrict their giving to tax-exempt organizations, and some funders restrict their giving to private nonprofit organizations or "501(c)(3)"organizations. SOU is a tax-exempt institution under section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code, rather than section 501(c)(3). Some funders indicate that they fund only 501(c)(3)s but make exceptions for public educational institutions. Before applying, contact the foundation about eligibility. If a foundation will fund only 501(c)(3) organizations, Project Directors may be able to submit a proposal in the name of the SOU Foundation, with the approval of the Vice President for Institutional Development.

Oregon Foundations
Many private foundations will accept only one proposal from an organization per year. Faculty who are considering applying for funding to an Oregon foundation (e.g., Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Community Foundation, US West), must first obtain approval from the Provost and Vice President for Institutional Development to ensure that the proposal will not conflict with institutional priorities for that particular foundation.
Faculty may not apply to the Carpenter Foundation, other than through the Carpenter I and II grants program administered by the SOU Faculty Development Committee. This Medford-based foundation already gives generously to SOU each year to support the faculty development grants.