Before a proposal is sent to the funding agency, it must be approved through the Grants and Sponsored Programs Administration Office. Since proposals are submitted on behalf of Southern Oregon University, they must be approved by various administrators. The following forms document this approval.

Proposal Clearance
The Proposal Clearance is the primary means for gaining institutional approval for a grant or contract and without it an account cannot be setup. It is a two-page document containing proposal details such as Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD), sponsor information, amount requested, and cost share or match information. It must be signed by the Principal Investigator, Department Chair, and Dean. Once these three signatures have been obtained, the clearance can be sent, along with the following items, to Grants Administration for final approval and signatures.
Click here to download the Proposal Clearance form.

Note: In some cases, it is necessary for a PI to be able to charge expenses to an account before award documentation has officially been received. For this purpose, we provide the Organization Prior Approval Request form. It must be signed by the PI, Department Chair, and Grants Administration.

Each proposal must include a budget. A full, detailed budget can be developed or the PI can work with Grants Administration to create an estimated budget. A budget template created in Excel is provided as a guide.
Click here to download the budget template. Budget Template Excel Format

Scope of Work
Along with the clearance and budget, a scope of work is required. Often, this is simply the packet or proposal that will be sent to the agency. Or, it might be as simple as a short paragraph outlining the details of the proposed project. The format of the scope of work will depend on the nature of the project or research being performed, as well as the requirements of the funding agency to which the PI is applying.

Sponsor Contact Information
Finally, the funding agency's contact information must be included. It is often the case that we must correspond directly with the sponsor for the purposes of supplying additional materials or information.

Electronic Proposal Submission Guidelines
For funding agencies that require electronic submission of grant proposals, please contact Grants Administration as early in the process as possible. This is to ensure that SOU has completed the necessary registration procedures and the PI or Project Director is authorized to submit proposals. You may e–mail Deborah Hofer at or call 552-8662.

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