Stress Happens, Coping is Optional  is a 4 minute video that features SOU students in their own voices sharing their perspectives on mental wellness, enhancing resiliency, and fostering the spirit and practice of self-care in order to maximize coping with the inevitable stress that college students experience. 



From Despair to Hope is a 10 minute documentary film that highlights the lives of three SOU students who share their experiences of living with depression, coming close to suicide, and dealing with the stigma of mental illness. Their diverse stories offer a first-hand look into what they’ve done to develop resiliency, recognize their strengths, and create a community of support via their family, friends, therapists, and campus communities. 



Student Health & Wellness Center is a 2 minute promotional video that highlights the comprehensive and high-quality services provided at Southern Oregon University’s medical and mental health clinic located on campus. 


Student Resources is a 3 minute promotional video that highlights campus resources including: SOU’s student-centered resource centers, the Student Health and Wellness Center, the MindSpa and health promotion, Disability Resources and the Office of Student Support and Intervention. 


A word about CORE and Project Balance:
CORE, the Community of Recovery in Education at SOU, was founded in 2010 to serve all SOU students in recovery from addiction. We provide a fun, safe, and supportive community of and for students in recovery.  In the spring of 2016, CORE was awarded a SAMHSA grant focused on collegiate wellness, mental health, and recovery. These videos are but one aspect of numerous grant-funded activities, collectively named: Project Balance.  We hope you enjoy them and that they speak to you and are helpful in whatever way possible. 

For more information about these videos, CORE, and/or the Student Health & Wellness Center, please contact the SHWC Executive Director, Anna D'Amato at or 541-552-8464.