How is the Student Health and Wellness Funded?

The Student Health & Wellness Center is required to be financially self-supporting. The SHWC does not receive any state funding and covers cost via the required per term student health fee (for those taking 4 or more regular class credits)*, internal fees for services such as lab, prescriptions, immunizations, procedures, specialty services, and a no-show fee, etc., and from participation in the CCare Program.**  There is a $15 per visit fee.

How affordable is the care at the SHWC?

Recognizing the economic realities of the students it serves, the SHWC is committed to keeping the cost of care as affordable as possible.  Internal fees, which are charged to student accounts, are set to be the most affordable in the area.  In rare circumstances for instance, if we are aware a prescription can be purchased elsewhere at lower expense, the student will be advised of this and has the choice to take a prescription to an outside pharmacy or have it filled by us. We are committed to helping our students.   

* Students who take less than 4 regular credits (excludes on-line credits) do have the option to pay the health fee in order to access services at the SHWC.

** CCare is a federal/state reimbursement program that is intended to prevent unintended pregnancies and extend primary medical care services to specific populations.  By participating in the CCare program, the SHWC can provide to those eligible, free contraception education, counseling and supplies. Physical exam, education and counseling is a requirement of the program.

How do I know what I am being charged?

Fee Schedule (PDF)

You have the right to know charges prior to receiving care and you are encouraged to ask at the time of service. A price list can be viewed in the waiting area however, some of our prices to purchase items will vary.  Since we are dedicated to providing the most affordable option to our students, our charges may vary related to our acquisition costs changing.

How do I pay?

Cash is not needed at the time of service or for over the counter medicines which are available. All charges are placed directly to the student account, identified only as a health center charge.   Privacy laws require that only the student has access to an itemized detail list of charges incurred.  Students can request this list or sign a release if they choose to extend this information to a family member.

What does the per term health fee pay for?

The per term health fee provides access to all the services (with $15 per visit fee), general medical/counseling visits (with $15 per visit fee).  It also pays for the campus wide health education services, education, prevention and intervention materials and events surrounding an array of health related topics, and work related to safety, student support, emergency management and public health services. 

Why Should I use the SHWC?

The SHWC is an out-patient primary care clinic specializing in college health and provides an integrated model of service addressing both the medical and mental health needs of students. Our staff are tuned into the campus community and recognize the special needs of student stress, schedules, demands, opportunities and successes both personally and academically. Our staff are familiar with campus and community resources and refer frequently.  Our professional staff are licensed and board certified.  We use physicians, family nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and experienced: medial aides, medical office specialists, allied medical providers such as a laboratory director and transcriptionist. Our mental health providers are all licensed and experienced in college mental health services.


How has the Affordable Care Act affected Student Insurance Plans?

 Provisions of the act apply to health plans for both domestic and international students. 

Student health plans have been granted a modified phase-in period for annual plan maximums ($100K for 2012-13, $500K for 2013-14); no annual limits will be allowed for 2014-15 and thereafter.

Student health plans will now offer comprehensive Preventive Care Benefits (including annual GYN exam, STI Testing, physicals and immunizations),which are covered at 100% without cost‐sharing at in‐network providers (this includes your on‐campus Student Health & Wellness Center.

Limitations on pre-existing conditions may not be imposed on those younger than age 19 (extended to all enrollees in 2014).

No annual or lifetime limits may be applied to any essential benefits, like hospitalization, mental health/substance abuse, diagnostic tests, and prescription drugs.

Southern Oregon University does not offer a Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan.

Oregon Health Plan

Although the Student Health and Wellness Center is not a preferred provider on the Oregon Health Plan, students with OHP may still access services at the SHWC.

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