Who Are We?

The SOU Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) provides access to a wide range of health services, including primary medical care, mental health care, preventive services, and campus-wide health promotion. We are here to help SOU students to be the best that they can be during their college career.

What Can I Expect if I go to the SHWC?

You can expect excellent, respectful, welcoming, and confidential service from staff who have a great amount of experience working with college students. We enjoy what we do, and we take great pride in the quality of our care.

What Can Be Accessed at the SHWC?

A wide range of services including:

  • Primary Medical/Illness/Injury Treatment and Prevention
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • In-house and Send-out lab testing
  • In-house and outside Prescriptions
  • Psychiatric Prescribing
  • Mental Health Counseling (individual, group, couples, crisis intervention
  • Mental health promotion/suicide prevention
  • Drug and Alcohol Services (assessments, counseling, groups, recovery supports)
  • CCare Contraceptive Care Services
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Over-the-Counter store
  • Referrals to specialists and coordination of support services
  • Preventive care including physicals, immunizations, and education

What Does My Student Health Fee Pay For?

Students taking 4 or more credits (excludes on-line), automatically pay a health fee that provides :

  • Access to all services at SHWC
  • General Medical Visits and Counseling with $15 per-visit fee
  • Campus health promotion and disease prevention
  • Coordination of services with on and off-campus resources
  • Online Student Health Services
  • Campus crisis intervention and response
  • Students taking fewer than 4 credits may opt to pay the health fee.

What Services Can I Access at SHWC that are NOT Covered by my Health Fee?

Several services are offered in addition to those covered by the health fee. A full list of charges is available in the reception area. All additional services are charged directly to the student’s SOU account with the exception of sexual health charges- see below
These include (but not limited to):

  • Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing
  • Medications, equipment, and Over-the-counter products
  • Surgical procedures
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Immunizations

Does the SHWC provide Contraceptive Care and Annual Exams?

SHWC is proud to participate in a state/federally funded Contraceptive Care Program that offers FREE contraceptive supplies and related preventive exams and medical visits for those eligible. Most SOU students who request this program qualify, and receive this care at no cost. Hundreds of SOU students enjoy this free and easy program! You must be a U.S. Citizen to participate. To comply with Federal and State program regulations, the SHWC has separated contraceptive services and annual exams from its list of services covered by the health fee. This allows SOU students to participate in the free CCare program; however, it changes the billing structure for students who request contraceptive services and do not participate in the program.

CCare Participants: contraceptive care services, including annual exams, are free of charge. If you have private insurance and have no objection, your private insurance will be billed first before CCare is billed. However, you will never personally be charged a fee, a co-pay, or a deductible for any contraceptive services or supplies.

Non-CCare Participants: if you have private insurance, and you have no objection, your private insurance will be billed for contraceptive services and supplies and annual exams. If you do not have private insurance, if you do not want services or supplies billed to insurance, or if you have a deductible which makes you responsible for direct payment, charges will be placed on your SOU student account.

Students may ask for their private insurance not to be billed. Sexually transmitted disease testing at non-CCare visits will be charged to the student account.

Student Account Charges

No money is exchanged at SHWC. All charges go to the student’s SOU account. The charges are listed only as ‘health center charge’. Students may access a detailed list of charges by contacting the SHWC front desk.

Health Insurance

It is strongly recommended that students carry private health insurance to cover emergency, urgent, and other services not covered by the Student Health Fee and SHWC. Every year we see a handful of students accumulate large debt as a result of an unexpected illness or injury that requires specialty or hospital care.

Unfortunately, Southern Oregon University does not offer a domestic student health insurance plan.

The SHWC Staff

The SHWC staff is made up of licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, counselors, counseling interns, health promotion staff and a dedicated administrative and ancillary staff.

Hours of Operation

SHWC hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8-5; Wednesday 9-5 during the regular school year. Last appointment of the day is at 4:15. We are closed holidays and school breaks. Summer hours vary and are available on our website. 

After-hours and Emergency Contacts

If you have an emergency - Call 911!

Please visit our web-site for urgent care and other, off-campus, after-hour resources..

Can SHWC assist with on-campus medical emergencies?

Unfortunately, SHWC staff cannot practice outside of the building. Medical emergencies outside of the SHWC must be dealt with by calling 911.

Appointment or Walk-In

We strongly recommend that students schedule appointments, although we know urgencies do occur. Students who walk in without an appointment will be evaluated. Non-urgent walk-ins may be scheduled for another day. Students without appointments may have longer wait times.

How do I make an appointment?

Call 541-552-6136 to make an appointment 

Health Education and Promotion

SOU has a Health Promotion Specialist. Health Promotion services include collaborative workshops & trainings, in-class presentations, printed publications for residence halls, research and assessment, individual behavior modification plans, presentations, and educational programs for students who violate SOU’s substance abuse policies.

Campus and Community Services

SHWC coordinates with multiple resources on and off campus to best assist SOU students. SHWC participates in community Public Health activities, including disease prevention and disaster planning.