Health Promotion is an important component to a holistic university health program.  The SHWC is an amazing resource with a variety of clinical services.  In addition to those services we work from a prevention paradigm and want students, faculty, & staff to thrive in all dimensions of health.  The Health Promotion Office is located in room 333 of the Stevenson Union, and is aligned with both the Office of Student Life and the SHWC.  

The mission of the Health Promotion Office is to empower the SOU community by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  People have a natural impulse for health and an innate wisdom about what is best for them. Our job is to help minimize or remove the barriers that interfere with that impulse and cultivate an environment in which the potential for health flourishes.

For information about outreach programs please contact Health Promotion Specialist, Matt Vogel.

Office:  541-552-7012

We will be consistently updating this page, but in the meantime please check out the "Go Ask Alice" website from Columbia University.  It is an amazing site with lots of information related specifically to college students & health.