How has the Affordable Care Act affected Student Insurance Plans?


Provisions of the act apply to health plans for both domestic and international students. 

Student health plans have been granted a modified phase-in period for annual plan maximums ($100K for 2012-13, $500K for 2013-14); no annual limits will be allowed for 2014-15 and thereafter.

Student health plans will now offer comprehensive Preventive Care Benefits (including annual GYN exam, STI Testing, physicals and immunizations),which are covered at 100% without cost‐sharing at in‐network providers (this includes your on‐campus Student Health & Wellness Center.

Limitations on pre-existing conditions may not be imposed on those younger than age 19 (extended to all enrollees in 2014).

No annual or lifetime limits may be applied to any essential benefits, like hospitalization, mental health/substance abuse, diagnostic tests, and prescription drugs.


Southern Oregon University does not offer a Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan.


Oregon Health Plan

Although the Student Health and Wellness Center is not a preferred provider on the Oregon Health Plan, students with OHP may still access services at the SHWC.